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How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Score?

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Watching FIFA World Cup 2014 live on your TV with coffee or soft drinks in hands and enjoying snacks with family and friends are incomparable things – Keeping eyes on the live scores of matches of FIFA World Cup and cheering for your team would be a thrilling experience.

As FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on June 12, 2014 in Brazil, Football league seasons have been ended, and now football fans all over the world are keeping their fingers crossed for mega event of Football.

World Champion Spain will be defending its title in Brazil, and world’s top teams will be struggling for the most glorious Football Cup on the planet.

Watching FIFA World Cup 2014 – Lifeful Experience and Captivating Moments

It’s true that FIFA World Cup is probably the biggest major-cup in all sports – over 200 countries have international football existence and affiliation with FIFA, so we can understand the vitality and expansion of Football in the world.

Watching FIFA World Cup 2014 would certainly be an amazing experience for playing nations as well football-crazy nations who could not qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2014, but somehow they have deep love for the game.


How to Get Live scores of FIFA World Cup 2014?

Football fans and lover would be planning to watch inaugural ceremony and opening match of FIFA World Cup 2014 on June 12, 2014, and they would surely make some arrangements to get together for cheering with family and friends at home or somewhere out.

if you’re a football fan and you want to be updated with live scores and results on your PC or Smartphone, then you don’t have to worry, because there are two simple ways you can simply follow to get live scores of FIFA World Cup 2014, so no more worrying about FIFA World Cup 2014 scores and results.

You aren’t going to miss anything about FIFA World Cup 2014!

Method # 1

Google it – FIFA World Cup 2014



It might surprise you that you can actually get live scores and FIFA World Cup 2014 results of FIFA World Cup 2014 on Google. Just search ‘FIFA World Cup 2014’, and you’ll see some magic on the top of the Google search page.

Actually google would be doing this amazing live score and result feed-thing for millions of football fans and FIFA World Cup 2014 followers to provide them results, score and fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2014 right on their browser screen.

Methods # 2

Install FIFA World Cup 2014 Apps on Smartphones


Installing some awesome Football Apps on Smartphones (both on Android and iOS Platforms) would take you ahead in your FIFA World Cup 2014 campaign – Obviously Football fans and FIFA World Cup 2014 followers won’t be switching their attention to something else.

Companies and brands know that their employees would be focusing on the FIFA World Cup 2014 – So many companies will be arranging special weekends or a relaxed-week for FIFA World Cup 2014.

Here is your chance to get in touch with FIFA World Cup 2014 by installing some awesome apps on your Android Phones & tablets and iPhone and iPads:

FIFA World Cup 2014 Apps (Android)


1 – FIFA link

2 – World Cup Brazil 2014 – link

3 – ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup – link

FIFA World Cup 2014 Apps (iOS)


1 – FIFA Official App – link

2 – WatchESPN – link

3 – – link

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