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HTC One Google Edition released with Android 4.2 on June 26, 2013

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 8:55 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

HTC One Google edition has been released with Android 4.2 version on june 26, 2013. HTC One Google version is one of the three versions of HTC One released last month. Those three versions of HTC One were Google version, Japanese version and Chinese version.

HTC One Google edition will attract people as they are coming to know about it with the passage of time and Google version along with Android 4.2, the latest released Android version has been given in the HTC One Google version Smartphone.

HTC has already made a mark in the Smartphone market by entering into the market with Android in the past and now HTC is certainly among the top brands in the race to make best selling Smartphone in the upcoming months.

HTC One was a big competitor of Samsung Galaxy S4 and iOS based iPhone 5. Other Smartphone and tech brands like Sony and LG are also in race in making their best Smartphones for the whole global market. Huawei recently launched world’s slimmest Smartphone Ascend 6 and entered into the Smartphone race from Chinese side. Huawei is likely to attract countries like China, Taiwan, Hong kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.


Now many tech experts and Smartphones geeks are keeping their eyes on HTC One Google version to check analyze and talk about HTC’s latest release along with Google’s collaboration. Now much awaited HTC One Google version has been released and Android fans are looking to find out the difference and review the Android 4.2 version.


The latest Android OS with the HTC One Google edition makes this Smartphone more interesting and eye catching for the Smartphone fans. HTC has been acceptable for Smartphone lovers worldwide and now results are needed to be seen and HTC One Google edition has yet to show the progress and results for HTC.


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