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Huawei & OPPO Eye Pakistan Smartphone Market after QMobile’s Success

Posted: November 29, 2014 at 10:25 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Huawei & OPPO have landed to Pakistan – Safely. And venue is Pakistan’s Smartphone Market. QMobile’s existence might not effect their stay and prosperity, but their prices can, if they don’t beat QMobile, Samsung and LG in the prices.

Pakistan is a kind of market where consumer is willing to pay high amount if there isn’t any competition for the merchant or manufacturer… I promise if Apple brings latest iPhone to Pakistan and charge double price, there will be list of people who will feel proud to have it…

But, now what we see is QMobile’s competition not against a competitor but competitors… Huawei & OPPO are certainly a threat to QMobile’s Android Phone sales, because QMobile actually gave an access to average user in Pakistan to pocket an Android device… even Samsung brought a Smartphone under $120 which was looking impossible almost 2 years back, when a buyer had to spend at least $400 to $500 for buying Samsung’s Android Phone.


It happens… it’s nothing new in the tech-industry…

Huawei has been considered a reliable Phone maker in Asia – It’s not entirely new in Pakistan, we’ve seen landline phone sets and cordless phone sets earlier, and even many PC Utilities and Accessories are being made by Huawei, so it’s not a new player in the market, but Huawei focused specifically on Pakistan’s Smartphone market very late when QMobile and Samsung had a clear dominance…

In fact, HTC and LG aren’t bad in Pakistan, they can’t be said as minority – they exist quite handsomely…


The situation is QMobile has given the access of Android Phones to everyone, and now from mid-range businessman to low-salary person is using an Android  Phone made by QMobile

There has been a clear change in Huawei’s pricing as compared to previous entrants like Voice Mobile, Gfive and others who started off with similar prices to QMobile’s top sellers and high-range Smartphones, and it didn’t work…

Huawei looks to bring low and mid-range Android Phones in Pakistan, where as OPPO has to do the same in order to leave their mark everywhere in Pakistan, otherwise Huawei would do way better than OPPO…

ascend p7 android phone in pakistan

Both Huawei & OPPO don’t have time for experiments, they got international giants like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and Sony in the Pakistan Smartphone market, where a strong local brand QMobile can’t be easy to beat…

I’ve to agree that Huawei & OPPO have started attracting people – People are concerned about both new brands, and they are keen to know the pricing of both brands… Huawei & OPPO both have got a chance to dominate and make an image of reasonable pricing and high-quality Smartphone brands…

ascend g6 android phone in pakistan

Huawei being little known still got the edge on OPPO, if Huawei brings the quality they are known for in the unbeatable pricing like QMobile, then it won’t be easy for QMobile and OPPO to even get closer to Huawei in 2015. Pakistan’s Smartphone market is ready for the battle. Huawei and OPPO are players on the pitch. Pricing can be a key stroke to start the fight to show the superiority and dominance.

Images credit: OPPO & Huawei

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