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Huawei to launch Ascend P6 Android Smartphone

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Huawei recently announced Ascend P6 Android Smartphone and made an entry in the Q3 tough competition in 2013 where China’s famous cell phone and electronics giant Huawei has to face the competition of Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. Samsung might be more conscious due to same operating system Android which makes the competition between Samsung and Huawei tougher in the Chinese and Asian market. Apple might be considered a different choice due to iOS based OS.

Huawei posses direct challenge to Samsung and Apple in the Asian and Asia-pacific region where China itself considered a big market of Smartphones and Chinese telecom giant Huawei entry into super-smartphones category to complete latest iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 would be Huawei’s main task.


Ascend P6 Android Smartphone is Huawei latest Android Smartphone which came to the scene worldwide after its announcement few hours before the Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & ATIV Launch Event on June 20, 2013 in which Samsung is all set to announce latest Smartphones and tablets possibly.

Ascend P6 Android Phone

Tang Siew Wai, Marketing director of Huawei said that he wouldn’t comment on the competitor’s related product as Ascend P6 Android Smartphone is surely something different and it has its own class, when he asked about the Apple and Samsung’s possible rivalry that might be built in upcoming weeks.

Tang Wai believes that Ascend P6 Android Smartphone of Huawei is something different and classic to get its own share in the world market. 8 Mega pixels Ascend P6 Android Smartphone will be having 5 MP front camera.


Ascend P6 Android Smartphone maker knows how tough it would be compete with the 13 Mega pixels based Samsung Galaxy S4 and similar quality of Camera standard iOS based iPhone 5. Huawei is confident on Ascend P6 Android Smartphone as they believe that Huawei is not that famous and does not have that charisma which Apple and Samsung have, but they are proud to bring beautiful, thinnest and best quality camera based Android Smartphone in the market. Huawei believes that Ascend P6 Android Smartphone has the capacity and ability to complete any best Android or other Smartphone in the world.Ascend P6 Android

Ascend P6 Android Smartphone is about 6.18 millimetres thick and priced $755 that looks more expensive than iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4. But Huawei has got its own positives and native producer of China; it might get a lot of attention and courage. Android Smartphone lovers and enthusiast would love to see and try this Ascend P6 Android Smartphone. Huawei would certainly be hoping to touch other parts of the Asia as Huawei started of display Ascend P6 Android Smartphone in Europe and looks positive for USA entry. In America, it won’t be easy to beat Samsung and iPhone. Europe is a scattered market with high percentage of Samsung’s Android Smartphones and iOS based iPhones. So Huawei needs to plan well and analysts would definitely see price of Ascend P6 Android Smartphone quite consciously which is certainly more than Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.

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