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Instagram Brings Direct Messaging Feature on Android App

Posted: January 15, 2014 at 4:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Instagram experience can’t be better than this – It keeps on adding more fuel to the fire.¬†Instagram might be just an app for people out there .

You might be thinking, its like an Android App to join for free, download on Android Phone and add some pictures, and If I go further, some people who don’t know much about Instagram, and they dig in little more, and they might add few hashtags to their pictures!

Well, In my case its totally different. Honestly, I’m one of those addicted-Instagrammars who haven’t been started using this App since its launch, but fell in love with Instagram later on – I started using it like 1 year back and now totally amazed with the new features.


Image credit: Instagram/Facebook, Inc.


I use few more social media and communication Android apps like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Android App, Skype for Android, Viber Android App and WhatsApp Android App, but Instagram has got something different. Its totally addiction for a good, so nothing bad for me, may be because I know exactly how to use it, who to follow on Instagram, and how to reach the same-minded people out there sharing millions of pictures and videos on Instagram.

Instagram video-sharing feature arrived few months back – It wasn’t there since the beginning, and Instagram brought video-sharing feature for Android 4.0 version after few months of launching this feature – Initially Instagram short-video uploading feature was just available for Android versions 4.1 and later.

See this: Instagram starts Short-Videos for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Users

Instagram: Direct Messaging Feature

Instagram brings Direct Messaging Feature’ and if you have recently updated your Instagram Android App, then you must have seen this change – I have seen this update and now my latest Instagram Android app has this amazing direct-messaging feature!


Image credit: Instagram/Facebook, Inc.

Now I’m able to send someone a picture of mine without telling other followers – Actually its a great addition and update in this App – Certainly it makes Instagram little ahead of Vine – Vine has been one of the major competitors of Instagram. Instagram’ s latest version on Google Play is now 5.0.2 and it has been updated on Jan. 14, 2014.

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