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Instagram Video Feature makes Challenge for Vine

Posted: June 24, 2013 at 12:13 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Instagram is a widely used photo-sharing Smartphone app available for iOS and Android users. Recently Instagram started small-video messaging feature in the latest updated version of Instagram and that means it becomes more threatening to the video-sharing smartphone apps like Vine, Keek and Socialcam.

Instagram vs Vine

Though, Snapchat also offers video-messaging feature but commonly known as picture sharing social community and social media app. Instagram was getting popular day by day since Facebook acquired the picture-sharing smartphone app.

Recently Vine launched Android App which means Vine for Android users had been launched and Android users also started enjoying Vine. Vince launched in June 2012 and later on it became a huge hit and in October 2012, it was acquired by Twitter. Acquisitions are not a new thing in the e-commerce and tech business, when any social media website or smartphone app gets hit, big giants of the industry offer heavy amount to own that app or social community and they just easily buy those ventures. Facebook purchased Instagram on April 12, 2012 in $1 billion.


Vine has been seen quite dominating in the micro-video sharing in smartphone social media industry and recently Instagram, which is one of the most used Android app and social media iOS and Android app, added video-sharing feature. Instagram introduces 15-second video recording and sharing with hashtag support.

Vine Android App

Some people find it really cool and many iOS and Android users did not try Vine or any other video-sharing app on Smartphone and when they just found video-sharing feature on the Instagram, they enjoyed it and some people think that it wouldn’t be necessary in the Instagram. Instagram is famous for picture sharing, which is its key and most dominating feature and it makes Instagram famous and most thrilling in the social media industry. Its been few days since Instagram launched video-sharing feature on Instagram and people started testing 15-second video feature along with pictures sharing on the Instagram. There is a consumer phenomena, which is he likes the thing for what it is famous, if facebook suddenly add music player option and turn to something youtube like social music sharing site then it might not work, what facebook users who don’t like music and don’t want to share music will do after that sort of update?

So there is mix behaviour about Instagram video feature and it will be observed for next 2 to 3 months that does it change with the passage of time? Do people start using video feature more or not?

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