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Honor Every Woman on International Women’s Day

Posted: March 8, 2015 at 7:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Google, Mashable and other brands are showing their respect, care and solidarity to the women across the globe.

March 08 is International Women’s Day and world accepts and respects the women for all of their contribution to the society and making others’ lives easier, comfortable and lovely. 

Brands and Organizations normally don’t neglect women in their strategic approaches towards marketing and selling – Still we’ve got a long way to go to completely end gender discrimination in the world.

doodle on international women's day

Screenshot credit: Google

Google honored Women on International Women’s Day by changing its logo.

emma watson on international women day


Screenshot credit: HeforShe/Facebook

Emma Watson, the famous Harry Potter film’s actress associated herself with HeforShe organization to support gender equality on International Women’s Day and went for a Q&A session with fans all over the world.


mashable honors women

Screenshot credit: Mashable/Twitter

Mashable, the most famous tech, news and information blog changed its official twitter display picture in order to support International Women’s Day.

It’s pretty much clear that such dates and days are important, and people are getting awareness about these dates… The most important part is who is delivering the message of the cause, and how it is being delivered…


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