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Is Cheap Android Smartphone possible?

Posted: June 16, 2013 at 10:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Android OS is one of the most famous Smartphone operating systems in the world and covers 51% of the smartphone market of the world. Where Android is rapidly emerging in the all parts of the world, its challenges are also increasing because it produces a gap between two customers, one who can buy an Android Phone in $700 and other who can’t buy a smartphone over $100, but both types of customers know Android phones and love it.

So Affordability matters here! There are rumors that companies which are producing Android Smartphone might plan to bring Android phones under 100$. China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are growing Smartphone markets where everyone can’t afford iPhone and Samsung Android phones. In the Asian market, normally carriers don’t offer iPhone and Smart phone version on 20% or 30% price to the customers on 1 or 2 years contract. This might be the big reason that a certain class can pay for heavy-loaded Smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S Series and Samsung Note Series.


Asia pacific and South Asia are those parts of the world which have emerging smartphone markets and Smartphone manufacturers can only capture huge portion of the market with their smartphones by bring low-price Android Smart phones to dominate and take Android Smartphone business to another level.

Utilizing the density and huge availability of uncovered market show the potential in those parts of the world and cheap Android phones can bring great results for the brands and specifically smaller Smartphone brands. There are many cell phone companies which are getting their mobile phones manufactured from China and they are selling their Smartphones and other mobiles into other linked mobile markets like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Cheap Android Phones Possibility

Cheap Android phones are certainly possible when many brands are getting their Smartphones manufactured from China and giving opportunity to the people from these Asian markets to experience Android OS in $100 to $200. The idea of bring more exposure to the cheaper Android Phones might be a big click for mobile industry investors sitting in India, Singapore, China and Pakistan to get their cheap Android ready from China and to provide the access to every type of mobile user with Android Smartphone.


The person who knows about Android and iPhone Smartphones but uses normal symbian mobile phone due to money and affordability factor might love to get an Android Phone under $100. Investors and Companies must work on the idea to bring cheap Android phones in the potential markets of Asia as mentioned in this article. This might give them more business and exposure as well when a customer who never used an Android Phone and when he will come to know that there is a new Android phone under $100 and it can be purchased by him due to affordable rate, then he might rush towards that smartphone to buy it.

What Cheap Android brand will get?

Cheap Android Phone brand who manufactured that smartphone will get a new buyer and a fan as well who has not just purchased the smartphone from that company but it has become a fan of that company and he will surely show his cheap smartphone to the friends and colleagues and tell them about the brand. So brand will get so much exposure automatically to another type of market that never enjoyed Android technology yet.

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