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Is Google Making Android Gaming Console?

Posted: July 14, 2013 at 4:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

According to different rumours and gossips Google is developing its Android based gaming console to complete Sony Computer Entertainment’s Play Station gaming console which is set to release in 2013 and most probably in the last quarter of 2013.

Sony is not alone in the gaming console field to face the Google’s upcoming Android based gaming console; Microsoft is also among top gaming console manufacturers in the world. Software and Operating system giant is set to release its latest Xbox One gaming console which will be the successor of Xbox 360. There was a time when Sony ruled the gaming console world and there was no competition close to the Sony and people normally know about Play Station as far as gaming console was concerned. Later on Microsoft identified the gaming console market and started giving competition and brought some major changes in this market with Xbox gaming console.

Google’s Android based gaming console

Now Its been learned that search engine giant Google is set to make its own Gaming console which will be a big and tough competition for Sony and Microsoft.  Game is set for Q4 2013 in the gaming console area where Google vs. Xbox One vs. PS4 will be the competition. Other small and regional gaming consoles might not take the top three places worldwide except some regional or territorial monopoly. Google’s Android based gaming console would be another chance for Google to create an impact with its Smartphone OS.

Android has been pretty successful in the Smartphones and it has largest number of apps on its store. Now curiosity has already been started when Google’s upcoming gaming console seemingly considered Android based gaming console. How Android is going to play the role in making this Android based google’s gaming console successful?

Competition of Google’s Android based gaming console

Gaming crazy fans that are waiting for PS4 and Xbox One are now conscious about Google gaming console as well. Android OS based gaming console is certainly a big update to be digested because it might make a big impact in the gaming market. Nobody knows how Google play’s role will be defined for the upcoming Android based gaming console. Will Google make it compatible to run Google play or Android games on that Android based gaming console, or it will be based on separate gaming system, still questions need to be answered.

Possibilities, Gaming Solutions and Predictions

It looks possible that Google may take some more time in releasing the gaming console and make it able to run every type of game from Google Play. If Google’s Android based gaming console becomes able to run all games from Google play store, then it might be a big breakthrough for Google and Google’s Android based gaming console. Google has a big advantage of Android, which is already settled mobile and tablet operating system and now it has to be seen that how Google takes the leverage of Android in developing the Android based gaming console.

As time passes, new updates will be seen on the media and internet. We will keep you posted on this matter. Keep an eye on the for further updates on Google’s Android based gaming console.

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