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Jobs Android App is a famous Android app by Careerbuilder is a famous US online jobs site for employees and employers who are seeking for jobs and employees. Jobs Android App provides an amazing solution for the employees and employers who want to look in the jobs industry and hunting for jobs and employees.

Careerbuilder has a history of helping people and job seekers in finding out their favorite jobs and giving some career development help by sending recommended jobs to them according to their taste and expertise.

Jobs Android App

Jobs Android App is one of the most downloaded and used Android Apps on Play Store as far as jobs are concerned. The maker has a big advantage because many job seekers love to use this App who are looking for better job opportunities and want to keep an eye on the new job listings on careerbuilder through their Android Smartphones.

Jobs Android App and Careerbuilder

Android Smartphone have become a major part of our daily life, we watch videos on Smartphones, We listen music on Android phones, we use twitter and facebook on Smartphones, we use different social media apps like Instagram, Keek and Vine on Android phones, we send free messages and call free on Android Smartphones through Viber and other related Apps, so when we do lots of things on Android Smartphones, then why we can’t apply for jobs online through our Smartphones. We should definitely access careerbuilder account using our Android tablet or Phone.

Jobs Android App Features

– Search latest jobs with different types of criteria.
– Find the jobs in your area or city on your Android phone.
– Use Jobs Android App to apply for jobs directly from your Smartphone.
– Check latest and recommended jobs on your Android phone.
– Share jobs with your family, friends and colleagues using sharing options.
– Use social media integrated options to share jobs on Facebook, Twitter and via email.
– Get recommended jobs on your email.
– Fast and quick access to new and old jobs on your Phone.

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