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Kareena Kapoor’s QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 Ad Makes an Impact

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You probably have seen QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 TV Commercial on any Pakistani news or entertainment channel – Well, QMobile looks to get better and better in Pakistan Smartphone market where Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC are also players, but some factors are clearly in QMobile’s favor.

QMobile has been a dominating player since its launch in 2009 in Pakistan and looks clearly to provide high quality, and affordable mobile phones which include Qwerty, touchscreen and Android Smartphones.

QMobile utilized the opportunity at the right time, it can’t be better than that when world was crazy about iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other brands of Smartphones, QMobile entered into the Pakistan market and idealized the empty-giant space to grab!

Guess what, they did it!

Why QMobile is Successful?

Why they shouldn’t be successful? They brought Android Smartphones into the market where other major and world’s biggest Smartphone sellers were also present but they never sat down for a minute to understand the market – You can’t compete GDP of US to the GDP of Pakistan, so an average person of Pakistan doesn’t afford a product which an average american can do!

I guess if Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Lenovo and Huawei might have thought earlier about entering into the big market with the less and more affordable prices then they would have been done something exceptional.

Price would always be a matter in the developing countries and unstable economies – So QMobile actually entered into the market when touch-screen mobile phones were something big – People use to see NEC and Palm Phones in Pakistan and they were quite expensive!

So story totally changed when QMobile came with the low-price touch-screen mobile phones, and got successful. My personal experience was actually stunning, when I bought my first touch-screen phone of this brand in 2011, and later on moved to QMobile Android phone when Android Phone launched.

After early success of QMobile touch-screen phones, world started getting crazy about Samsung Note and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, so QMobile anticipated big-potential in Android OS market and started bringing Android Phones which ultimately proved a game changer for them.

Price and Affordability

QMobile’s biggest focus remained Price and Affordability of People of Pakistan market.¬† You might never found a 5 MP high quality Android phone in just $135, QMobile has done it. Even their range comprises from $65 to 350 now.

QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 and Kareena Kapoor’s Ad Impact

After huge success of QMobile’s various Android Phones like Noir A8, Noir A10, Noir A900, Noir 950, Noir A11 and few more, made things little surprising for QMobile and obviously positive as well.


Image credit: QMobile

According to the information on QMobile’s wiki page, Kareena Kapoor’s recent Ad of QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 has been recorded as most expensive ad deal ever in Pakistan. According to the news QMobile and Kareena Kapoor signed the deal of endorsement on 22 December 2013 and Kareena has become the Brand Ambassador of QMobile (Source: wikipedia page of QMobile).

QMobile focused a lot on its Advertising campaign – You might have never seen a Bollywood Star in Pakistan brand’s Ad before, but QMobile brought ¬†Aditya Roy Kapur in an Advertisement in July 2013, and later on Kareena Kapoor in December 2013.

Kareena Kapoor’s ad has been quite sensational in Pakistan – Her TV Commercial fulfills the requirement pretty well, and delivers the best possible message to the audience.


Image credit: QMobile

Bollywood Stars have been quite acceptable in Pakistan, and Kareena’s Advertisement has all the ingredients to make an impact and breath-taking phenomenon in the market.

It is certainly a trend-setter ad campaign, which will be giving QMobile some great benefits in the near future – QMobile’s dominance is keep on increasing as compared to other local Android manufacturers like Voice Mobile and few more local selling brands.

Market and Smartphone buyers would be hoping to see some more magical innovations and newness in the under the Q-Umbrella which has already begun making things better and little possible.

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