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Microsoft buys Nokia Smartphone Business in $7.2B

Posted: September 4, 2013 at 12:51 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Microsoft has purchased Nokia Smartphone Business. Software giant ‘Microsoft’ who dominated the Software and Operating system lines for almost 2 decades and revamp the home and business computer users, now looks closer to Windows Phone OS.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS was the operating system of Nokia’s Smartphones range, and now Microsoft has bought Nokia Mobile phone business for $7.2B. Who will get more benefit out of this deal? Will Finnish multinational communications giant ‘Nokia Corporation’ move to Android OS to start another brand to compete Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei and iPhone?

The news about Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia Smartphone Business was announced Monday evening, and created the buzz in the tech markets and stock markets as well. Such big news always creates an impact on different types of market behaviors.


Now Microsoft-Nokia deal impact would be seen in the near future, and it might create a buzz for stock markets as well, and demand of Windows Phone probably go up. Windows Phone OS has almost 4% of World Smartphone market share as compared to 18% of iPhone’s iOS and 75% of Android.

It is expected that Nokia Smartphone Business merger with Microsoft might produce a short boom to the sales of Nokia Smartphones having Microsoft made Windows Phone OS.

Why Microsoft-Nokia Smartphone Business purchase is Important?

It is always important to discuss the relevant happenings and market behaviours. You are reading this news analysis about Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia Smartphone Business because Windows Phone OS is one of the competitors of Android OS, and Nokia Smartphones is the competition against Android based Smartphones by Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and other brands.

Mix Views of Analysts and Experts

Although, it wasn’t small news to ignore, but still there are Android-geeks and tech experts who believe Microsoft-Nokia Smartphone Business merger might not hurt Android business, which is rapidly growing in other parts of the world except USA and Canada where Apple’s iPhone dominate, but still Android has a big market share.

Microsoft looks optimistic for the bid to shine with upcoming Windows Phone based Smartphones with more control on the hardware and operating system of Windows Phone in order to compete Google’s Android OS.

Nokia Lumia Smartphone Series and Windows Phone

Espoo, Finland based tech and mobile phone giant Nokia took initiative under the deal with Microsoft in 2011 to bring Microsoft powered Windows Phone OS in the Nokia manufactured Nokia Lumia series, but more than 10 Nokia Lumia Smartphones could not produce a major hurdle for Android Smartphones as competitors.

Nokia Lumia turned out to be helpful in Asia and some parts of Europe, but never made some solid impact in the North America and major parts of European market.

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