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Most Amazing PlayStation 4 Games for 2014 [PS4 Games]

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PlayStation 4 is all set to release in November 2013 in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. When PlayStation’s latest version will be releasing, PlayStation 4 Games would automatically be in demand.

PlayStation 4 has almost 1 million pre-orders which show the demand of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Games. There are bundle of games of PlayStation 4 which are world famous games among gaming lovers around the world, and some gamers have already played those games on PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 4 is expected to be more efficient, friendly and high-tech version of PlayStation gaming console. Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be competing to Microsoft’s Xbox One which will also be released in November 2013.

PlayStation fans and gaming lovers would love to know that there are many top games coming for PlayStation 4, and will be released for PlayStation 4 in December 2013 and most of them in 2014. Few of the most awaited and most amazing PlayStation 4 Games are mentioned in this post.

Most Amazing PlayStation 4 Games for 2014



Daylight’ shows the light aspect and finding something in the light, but what if light is the thing to be found? What if you have to reach to the daylight from the darkness of horror? Daylight looks an amazing horror game for PlayStation 4.


Daylight PlayStation 4 game is all about waking up in the darkness, and finding the clues about the place and to find the ways to survive.


Outlast PlayStation 4 shows a new experience of horror and opens a new chapter of mystery for you. It takes you to the isolated mountains of Colorado where darkness and horror rule and you have to face the difficulties and prove to be warrior of your own kind.


Face the abandoned home for the mentally ill which is full of fear and terror if you are alive. Darkness and silence sometimes become so heavy and terrifying.

Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is a simple 2D action game for PlayStation 4 users and gamers who love adventure and fun-action oriented games. Be a part of Mercenary Kings team which is considered the most amazing and trained fighters team on the planet earth. You need to face challenges when missions are your target to move ahead.


Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty is an action + arcade game for PlayStation 4 developed by Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd. In this game Abe’ has its own mission in the meat processing plant.

 Oddworld-Abes Oddysee New-n-Tasty

Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution is an action + Shooting game from Zombie Studios. Blacklight: Retribution is an amazing PlayStation 4 set to be released in 2014. Blacklight: Retribution checks your gaming-shooting skills with your custom made character in the Blacklight: Retribution game.


From weapons selection to uniform, skills to style, everything counts which needs to be done before going for a specific action-packed mission. Make your load-out style and character with best suitable with your personality. Blacklight Retribution PlayStation 4 game is best for shooting games lovers who want to play some serious shooting skills game, not just a random duck or bird shooting game.

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