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Nokia Normandy: Is Nokia Android Phone a Possibility?

Posted: December 30, 2013 at 6:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Nokia’s Android Phone is getting hype again after @evleaks recently revealed a possible Nokia Android Phone in Nokia Asha Series and it might be called Nokia Normandy.

Nokia’s plan about Nokia Android Phone hasn’t been very clear as an average Android User might love a Nokia’s Smartphone powered by Android OS – Nokia has been one of the most dominating mobile manufacturers in the past before the Android based Smartphones and iOS based iPhones.

Finnish based mobile manufactured never officially accepted the possibility of Nokia Android Phone, even it has been seen that it was refused from a Nokia official when he was asked to join other Smartphone brands to launch Android powered Smartphones to compete Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC who are major Android Phones manufacturers.

Nokia Android Phone: Why it’s a big possibility?

Nothing would make me conscious about Nokia Android Phone, as I have been observing and hearing the shouts about Nokia Android Phone or about the plans of Nokia regarding Android Phone launch – nothing amazed me – But surprisingly @evleaks recent picture revealing made me bit conscious about Nokia Android Phone. Nokia Normandy which has been seen in the leaked photo of alleged Nokia Android Phone comprises of Black, Cyan, Mint Green, Red, Yellow and White.

If this news/leak is true then Nokia looks to come with the same Nokia Lumia Series theme in the Nokia Normandy Android Phone Series – It might be a test drive for Nokia. If this happens, it is expected that Nokia will be targeting mid-range Android Phone fans and lovers and if this phone goes right (which is quite obvious that it can get success) then Nokia might come with a huge bundle of Nokia Android Phones.


Photo credit: Nokia – Picture source: @evleaks

Will it Nokia Normandy? Would it be Nokia Asha RM-980?

Nokia has been seen quite energetic with it’s Windows Phone powered Smartphones – Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha Series have been seen as front line options for Microsoft lovers and Windows Phone fans.

Windows Phone hasn’t been seen much successful and acceptable like iOS and Android – Android has been something sensational, something bigger than anything, and probably something unprecedented as far as Smartphone operating systems are concerned.

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Photo credit: Nokia – Picture source: @evleaks

I have been observing @evleaks for more than a year now – I know one thing if @evleaks comes across anything, it becomes dead sure for me – it’s going to happen, when, it can’t be predicted yet!

It’s true that nothing can’t be said about alleged Nokia Android Phone, which has no official record yet but there can be a possibility that we might see Nokia Android Phone in 2014 – Because gossips are going on about Nokia Normandy and first ever Android-powered Nokia Android Phone is set to be arrived in May 2014.

Note: There is no official confirmation or announcement of Nokia Android Phone from Nokia Corporation or Microsoft owned Nokia Smartphones hub.

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