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Nvidia Shield Android Gaming Console to be released in July 2013

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Nvidia has pushed its latest gaming console release to July 2013 which was set to release in June 2013. Nvidia explained on their blog about the delay and it is a little development-delay to make the product more outstanding in the performance.

Customers who have booked their devices were hoping to get the Nvidia Shield gaming device in hands within days and now the release date has been moved to July 2013. Nvidia Shield is an Android-based gaming console with HD graphics functionality. It is being manufactured and designed by Nvidia and  Nvidia Shield was announced on 7 January 2013 and scheduled to release in June 2013 and this delay would make buyers of Nvidia Shield  more curious and little unhappier.

About Nvidia Shield Technology

Nvidia Shield is an Android based gaming console and its a big competitor to Xbox and PS4 devices of gaming line. Nvidia Shield looks to create competition for Xbox 360. Nvidia Shield provides an easy-to-understand gaming experience for game lovers and probably HD screen experience on Nvidia Shield can make you a fan of gaming. Nvidia Shield is having touch-screen display with 1280×720 pixels resolution for HD performance.


Nvidia Shield Android Gaming Console is priced at $299 and tech-experts are amazed with the price and looking ahead to see a tough competition going to be created by Nvidia against Mircosoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PS4 which almost cost higher than Nvidia Shield Android Gaming Console having HD 720p display.

Availability of Nvidia Shield Android Gaming Console

Nvidia Shield will be available to be released from Nvidia in July 2013. It was announced in January 2013 and set to be released in June 2013 but got late from the company and now Android-based first gaming console device will be soon in market and in hands of many customers.


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