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CNN Eyes Pakistan’s Smartphone Apps Success

Posted: April 26, 2014 at 8:07 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Pakistan might be known for its political and geographic upheavals in the world, but tech world keeps an eye on one of the emerging tech and innovation marketplaces in the world – Culture of Entrepreneurship, Motivated youth, politically stable and economically strong territory are the vibes which have strongly been seen in the society of Pakistan.

Local tech-geeks, innovators, young bloggers and technology lovers predict to have their own silicon valley in Pakistan in upcoming years. Recently CNN reported on Pakistan’s Smartphone Apps and featured Groopic maker in the featured-report. Groopic has been a huge success on iOS and Android. It’s an app which helps you in getting your group picture with your friends or family even if you take the picture, and someone from the group replaces you as cameraman to take another picture, and this smart app merges both pictures and adds you in the picture just like you were already there in the picture – In short, you don’t have to ask someone to help your group to take a full-group photo.

CNN’s featured-report has been a positive sign towards Pakistani Entrepreneurs, App Makers, Tech-geeks, Bloggers and Innovators to keep on working on making a pleasant image and environment for the investors. Startups culture has been arrived in Pakistan, and will flourish with the passage of time.

Active Pro-bloggers of Pakistan have played a vital role in presenting a positive and soft image of the country – Blogging never gets completed without communication, networking, peer-to-peer contact, Public relations, Community building and helping readers out.



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