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Pay Warid Bill Or TopUp via ATM in Pakistan

Posted: May 11, 2014 at 11:11 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Paying your mobile service bill for postpaid customers is kind of headache, especially when you’re close to the Outgoing-limit – Guess what, you have to call your customer or supplier to say something really important, or just need to inform your employee about something critical, and your postpaid billing limit ends…

What a bummer!

You might feel to throw your Phone against the nearest wall – And in the next second you think lets cancel the plan to throw the iPhone or Samsung Android Phone… or any other expensive smartphone you’re holding…

Actually, you definitely need a solution of paying instant bills or getting prepaid balance at once – Warid Telecom gives you a kind of suitable solution to avoid such headache. You can pay your Warid bill through any 1link ATM machine near you… whether you’re at shopping mall, in the market or near the bank, just locate any ATM machine or nearest Bank to pay your Warid bill or TopUp your prepaid balance on Warid prepaid number.


Image credit: Warid Telecom

How to Pay Warid Bill or TopUp via ATM?

Follow the simple 6 steps to Pay Warid Postpaid Bill or TopUp on Warid Prepaid no. from any 1link ATM machine in Pakistan:

1 – Use your ATM Card, after entering your ATM PIN, go to Utility Bills on your ATM.

2 – Opt ‘Warid Telecom’ from the mobile operators list to pay your Warid Bill or TopUp prepaid no.

3 – Enter your Warid mobile number for TopUp (Prepaid) or Bill payment (Postpaid)

4 – Give your billing Amount for Top up or Bill Payment.

5 – Confirm your billing information and proceed.

6 – Take your receipt at the end.

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