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Pingdom Android App for Free Website Monitoring

Posted: January 9, 2014 at 4:59 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Pingdom is a highly rated website uptime and downtime monitoring service and one of the most used free and premium website servers uptime checkers. It has both free version and premium offering for the customers.

Pingdom has Android and iOS apps which provide Pingdom users and account holders to connect to their Pingdom accounts through their Android App or iOS App right on their Smartphones. Android App of Pingdom is among top free website monitoring apps on Google Play.

Pingdom Android App is developed by Pingdom and it was updated on December 19, 2013. It’s a small Android App which takes almost 2.9 Mb of space on your Android device.


Image credit: Pingdom AB

Free Website Monitoring for Blogs and Websites

Pingdom is certainly a vital Android App for every blog and website owner. No matter you run your blog or website, you will want to stay updated with your website or blog’s up-time status. When a website or blog goes offline (downtime starts) means a website or blog’s server is not responding, sometime it happens after few weeks, and website hosting normally take few seconds delay in responding and there can be few reasons for that.

In short, you can come to know about your website and blog’s up-time and downtime status on your Android Phone by installing Pingdom Android App.


Image credit: Pingdom AB

Free Website Monitoring for Small Businesses and Large Organizations

Pingdom Android app will be equally important for Small Businesses and Large organizations. It can be one of the best and free monitoring softwares to use to monitor a website through your Android Phone.

Small businesses and large organizations should consider it suitable and necessary so that whenever their websites go offline or down for few minutes or hours, they come to know about it at once, so they definitely use such website monitoring service which monitors their websites to check the status of websites’ availability. Download


Image credit: Pingdom AB

Benefits of Pingdom Android App

  • It’s a useful Android App and surely it has many benefits for anyone who belongs to a website, blog or internet marketing and online selling.
  • Pingdom Android App gives you push notifications on your Android device about the status of your websites/blog.
  • It helps you to know if there is a problem on your hosting server which causes downtime to your websites.
  • Pingdom Android App shows the stats of your Pingdom Account which makes you able to know the details about your websites availability.
  • You can monitor multiple sites but it depends on your membership type.
  • Find out Summaries and detailed reports regarding website monitoring of your websites or blogs.
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