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Princess Kissing Game – Android Game Review

Posted: July 20, 2013 at 9:33 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Princess Kissing Game’ is an entertaining and full of fun game for young people and kids as well. Its a fun game for Android users. Get your Princess Kissing Game Android Game for Android phone or tablet from Google play.

In Princess Kissing Game’ Android Game main characters are Princess and Prince and Princess is ill and both romantic persons can’t wait for kiss while Princess is ill and lying on the bed. A nurse is there to take care of the princess and you (Prince) have to kiss her (Princess) while nurse is not seeing the princess. Make sure you don’t get caught by the nurse. If you kiss successfully couple of times, you will pass the stage and Princess will heal little bit.

About Princess Kissing Game’

Princess Kissing Game’ Android Game is an extremely entertaining and romance-oriented game for Android phone and romance-minded people. Prince and Princess are the characters of this game and princess is on the bed, lying due to illness and her illness can be cured with her prince’s kiss. So princess has to be sharp-minded and smart to keep kissing his princess to cure her.

Princess Kissing - Kissing Android Game

There are many stages of this Android game and each stage you pass, the next one would be more tough in the sense that you have to take care of more things (Characters) who are seeing you and princess, and with every stage it becomes tougher for prince to kiss his princess.

Princess Kissing Game

This Android game, Princess Kissing Game’ requires technical sharpness, intelligence and great timing to kiss the princess with proper analysis of the other characters.

If they see you while kissing you will be get caught and your game will be over.  You can take this challenge if you are intelligent and you think that you can heal the Princess with the Kisses of Prince and you will cross all the stages. Remember, characters who are looking at Princes will keep on increasing in every stage and you have to kiss princess to keep her temperature low. Prince has to get the KISS capsules and just KISS the princess.

Princess Kissing Game -Barbie Healing KISS

Graphics and Quality

Graphics and 3D animated work is amazing in this Princess Kissing Game’ and high-standard colouring and graphics are used to develop this game which result a unique and amazing experience for the players and android users who love to play this type of casual and fun games. Enjoy Princess Kissing Game’ by installing on your Android phone now.

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