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PTCL Doubled 4MB Broadband to 8MB (for a Limited time Offer)

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PTCL recently announced the offer to double the 4 MB DSL Broadband connections to 8 MB for a trial period to let subscribers experience the high-speed and superior quality 8 Mb DSL internet. According to the PTCL website, this offer can be availed by PTCL 4 MB DSL Broadband users by calling the helpline 1236. 

This is a trial offer as it states that expiration date is 31st January 2015 – After 31 January, 2015, subscribers who want to continue 8 Mb DSL Broadband would be  required to contact  PTCL.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has been striving for telecommunication and internet revolution for a while now – And, probably got some success in shifting the momentum of Internet-life in Pakistan. Recently PTCL partnered with DailyMotion (A french Video Content Website and Competitor of Youtube) to provide access and user-friendly service to Pakistani Video Content uploaders and video-content subscribers.

PTCL shook hands with Ten Sports Network for SmartTV Product to help Sports followers to extend their reach to the world’s best sports events being televised on Ten Sports – This deal will help SmartTV Consumers in Pakistan to utilize Smart TV features for live programs and events on Ten Sports.

Besides that, PTCL also offers a discount for a limited time period for subscribers who will continue 8 MB DSL from February 2015, and the price would be Rs 2,500/- till June 2015, and later on it would shift to regular price of Rs 2,900/- per month.

ptcl doubled 4mbps package of broadband to 8mbps

Image credit: PTCL

Key Points of Double Offer [4MB Broadband to 8MB]

  • This upgrade (4MB Broadband to 8MB) is free of cost for a limited time period as described earlier.
  • One of the hottest things is ‘Unlimited Downloading‘ in this DSL Broadband offer.
  • Customers can avail 5 more months in the same package for Rs 2,500/- per month.
  • After January 31, 2015, download-cap will be applied to the package which is 200 GB.
  • Customers can switch back to their 4 MB packages by calling on the helpline 1236 after this offer. 
  • A chance to experience high-quality DSL broadband. 
  • Video Streaming and Unlimited downloading. 


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