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QMobile Advertises QMobile A20 Android Phone

Posted: March 14, 2014 at 11:23 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

QMobile Ad has been seen on various Mobiles and Smartphones related websites – QMobile might be using any Google’s Ad network to advertise its latest smartphones – Its actually a good sign. I might have seen Voice Mobile Ads on Google Ads as well (Not sure)…

QMobile has a variety of Android Smartphones to advertise – If I’m not wrong, then it has brought almost 41 Smartphones with different specifications, Android OS versions and categories. I have personally seen QMobile Noir A20 Advertisement on Google Ads.


Picture credit: QMobile

Advertising is actually a sub-conscious mind making phenomenon of Marketing experts and Companies – Have you seen continuous advertisements/TV commercials during Cricket Matches, it is because Companies want you to absorb their content, price, products, ideas and concepts, and somehow it captivates on your decision making, and their job gets done with your buying or opting their products.


Picture credit: QMobile

QMobile Noir A20 is an Android Smartphone with Android 4.1 OS – QMobile already offering Android 4.2 in various Android Phones under Rs 22,500/- range (See QMobile Noir A900), which has Android 4.2, and I don’t think its a good idea to bring of QMobile to bring Android 4.1 in this Smartphone – They should have given Android 4.2 in this Phone.

QMobile Noir A20 is priced at Rs 19,000/- almost closer to QMobile A900 which costs Rs 22,500…

I’m quite impressed with latest Android Phones from QMobile, because the variety and quality of QMobile Android Phones is totally dominating in Pakistan’s market.

QMobile who has already competing with top Android Smartphone brands of the world in Pakistan market like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG, whereas local producers like Voice Mobiles and few more have recently started giving competition to QMobile, now might see some more competitors of Smartphones in Pakistan. Yes its true…

News are coming about new entrants of Android Phones producers – We are just confirming the news and looking deeply on this matter, and will update you all very soon…

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