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QMobile Continues to Capture Pakistan’s Smartphone Market

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QMobile has become a vital player in the cell phone market of Pakistan where at times only Nokia and Samsung dominated. A country which continued to see challenges and tough times since the independence in 1947 and in last decade technology, media and freedom of speech improved the country’s image on the global map.

A country with 180 million people and nearly 7 million facebook users enjoy the technological updates, environmental changes and sporting madness altogether. In early 2001-02, free electronic media was initiated in the country and a new concept of telecommunication, freedom of expression, business development, innovation and technological updates was seen which kept on getting pinches due to geographic and international political affairs.

After 2004, Mobile telecom got a huge bounce in the country, many private and semi-government companies came to the country to launch GSM technology and mobile phone usability revamped the communication. Nokia, Samsung, Sony and LG were the brands which were dominating forces in the country and later on more advancement in the media and technology was seen, things kept on changing and in last 5 years Smartphones have become a norm in this south asian country.


Now investors started launching their own Chinese manufactured mobile phones in Pakistan and fastly emerging local market of Pakistan accepted and tested each and every entity that was entering into the market and mobile businesses got huge success in last few years.

QMobile, Voice, Phicomm, G’Five, G-Tide and Megagate mobile brands came to the scene and started launching symbian and Smartphones with the passage of time. Among all those brands QMobile got a huge edge over others. Entry at the right time was one of the reasons and bringing value in fewer prices was another strategy of QMobile brand.

QMobile brought touch-based symbian mobile phones in Pakistan in low prices and touch-based mobile phones were fastly emerging few years back when Android and iOS were launched but never became so famous at that time.

qmobile-android-phones new prices

When Android OS got huge popularity and other part of the market was also being captured by Apple’s iPhone Smartphone, QMobile made its base in the market of Pakistan and Android OS became a huge mobile operating system as compared to Symbian. Other big giant brands of mobile phones in the world also started launching their Android based Smartphones and now LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC and Samsung, all major mobile manufacturers are in the race to make more successful Android Smartphones.


Who doesn’t know about Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4? These two Samsung’s Smartphones turned out to be the two best Android phones in the world and probably the most successful mobile phones of the Samsung brand.

QMobile and Android Phones

QMobile also launched its Android based Smartphones and there is a list of mid-range Android phones, Symbian phones and higher category of Android Smartphones in the QMobile’s bucket. QMobile actually provided an access to Android OS to everyone in Pakistan and brought the Android experience in fewer prices. An Android Phone of QMobile named NOIR A50 hardly costs $120 having Android 4.0 with camera, another Smartphone NOIR A6 having Android 4.0 with 1 GHz processor and 5 mega px camera also costs almost same and there is a list of such mobile phones which are getting popularity in the Pakistan’s smartphone market.


There is another category of QMobile Android Phones which are higher in the price as compared to mid-range QMobile smartphone mentioned above, those Smartphones are NOIR A8, NOIR A9, NOIR A10, NOIR A11 and NOIR A12 which are also successful in Pakistan mobile phone market having price range from $150 to 200.


QMobile has definitely provided a chance for every type of mobile user in Pakistan to experience Android OS and Smartphone in low-price. There are definitely people out there in Pakistan who might not afford to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other Samsung’s latest Smartphone which costs above $400, QMobile got the edge and captured a big portion of the Smartphone market of Pakistan and brought a different category of mobile phone users to their basket by providing them Android based cheap Smartphones.

Samsung, Nokia and HTC might also plan this type of strategy for Asian markets to get more into such diversified and populated markets with high demand and less capacity to spend money.

Image Source and Courtesy: Qmobile Website

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