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QMobile Smartphones in Pakistan: Reliability, Price and Demand

Posted: May 17, 2014 at 8:16 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Latest developments not only changed our surroundings but also changed our habits and attitudes. We have become more critical in our day to day routine. Our eating habits, our hobbies and the way we spend our leisure has also changed. Modern inventions have made us choosier in our selections.

As the cell phone in the need of the hour, and the requirement of a Cell Phone is more inclined towards a Smartphone –  While selecting a cell phone brand, a consumer has so many things in his mind. He tries to find a cell phone which has more advance features with an affordable price rate. Moreover it must be user friendly and in some cases its resale value has to be kept in mind.

Increasing demand of Qmobile Android phone is the result of that fact that it has all the above mentioned qualities which a user finds while selecting a mobile phone brand or particularly a Smartphone brand in Pakistan

The question arises, why QMobile? Let us find out its answer in detail:

Marketing Strategy of QMobile

A good and attractive advertisement helps users to choose the best available product. There are many ways of advertisement but the customer satisfaction is the best advertisement channel a brand can catch and utilize. The bigger you have the satisfied user family the better you have a name.


QMobile has a large range of satisfied customers. They are using QMobile and also telling others about its good and attractive products (Smartphones) – It helps a lot in choosing a cell phone when a friend or any other trustworthy fellow tells you about a certain brand. That is one of the main reasons of QMobile’s large user base in Pakistan, surprisingly it is increasing day by day.

Best Quality in Normal Price

The biggest attraction of QMobile Smartphones is its best quality cell phones in a low price. The users think that QMobile brand is providing best and advanced features in its products at a cheaper rate as compared to the other brands of the country.

User Friendly Phones

Another reason which increases the market value of any cell phone brand it is friendly use. The more a cell phone is easy to use the more users like it. QMobile brand is providing Smartphones and other Cell Phones which are easy to use. Any new android user feels handy in using QMobile Android cell phone.


Wide Range of Models

One of the major reasons of QMobile’s success in Pakistan is its large collection and wide range of variety in the Smartphones – Keeping in view the different tastes of increasing family (Customer base), QMobile has a wide range of models to offer in Pakistan. The brand pays special heed to new, stylish and eye catching models. It shows that they are providing a wide range of possibilities for a wider audience so that every buyer can get a cell phone according to his taste and purchasing power.

An established fame, credibility and name have build a reliable resale value for QMobile brand. People prefer this brand, and they have the trust while making a purchase of QMobile Handset. Hence we can say that Qmobile is the best option for most common Android Phone Users in Pakistan.

Android OS

Android Operating system is one of the biggest and most famous operating systems in the world – According to an estimate Android OS powers more than 75% Smartphones in the world, and roughly already activated on more than 1 billion Smartphones in the world.


Android OS plays a big role in making QMobile a successful Smartphone brand – QMobile with Windows Phone operating system would have been a different story as compared to QMobile Android Strategy…

So far it is pretty clear that QMobile brand has no fear of decline in the domination of Smartphone industry in Pakistan…

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