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QMobile is Pakistan’s mobile maker and first Smartphone maker in the country. It was launched by Mian Pervaiz Akhtar & Muhammad Azhar Naeem in 2009, and within 5 years QMobile turned to be a top contender of world’s biggest Smartphone manufacturers in the country.

QMobile started its mobile production with QWERTY and low-price touchscreen mobile phones when touchscreen mobile was belong to top brands and Android was just a dream in the region – Even touchscreen phones belong to top brands only.

QMobile remained innovator with its thinking – They brought everything which was inaccessible in Pakistan’s market – Initially they introduced low-priced touchscreen phones which were remained quite interesting and successful and later on, they revolutionized the Android market in the country.

qmobile logo

QMobile and Android OS

QMobile’s huge success belongs to Android Operating system – Just like Samsung is considered no. 1 Android Phone selling brand in the world, similarly QMobile is considered No. 1 Selling Smartphone brand in Pakistan – Actually investors never thought about Android OS introduction in low and mid-range prices in Pakistan, QMobile read the situation very well, and entered into the market with Android Smartphones and got a strong place in Pakistan’s market.

QMobile’s Android Phone range comprises from $75 to $350 – Recently QMobile released its latest flagship Android Phone NOIR Quartro Z4Kareena Kapoor has been seen in NOIR Quartro Z4’s advertisement in Pakistan.

QMobile has brought a variety of Android Phones, from NOIR Quartro Z4 mini to QMobile NOIR A8, NOIR A900 to NOIR A50 – There are around 41 Android Phones released by Qmobile till date – Touchscreen, Bar Phones and QWERTY are different categories.

QMobile Marketing Campaign

QMobile has been seen quite competitive, and almost a step ahead with local and International Smartphone brands in Pakistan as far as Marketing and Promotion is concerned – They have taken rising stars in their TV Commercials from Kareena Kapoor to Ali Zafar, Shan to Aditiya Roy, many Indian and Pakistan Film celebs have been seen in their TV Ads.

It shows how innovative, glamorous and glittering they are in their vision to market a product in a better way to the audience – TV and Films  Celebs are always accepted in any society, QMobile actually utilized this sense quite impressively.

Rumors about Angelina Jolie on the internet actually posses’ great challenges for QMobile – Whether they take or sign Hollywood Star or not, one thing is sure, they can’t go less than a pop-star or Bollywood celeb now.

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