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Rakuten buys Viber for $900 Million

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Viber free calling and messaging App has been sold. The deal was announced on Feb 14, 2014, after rumors and gossips were surrounding about the possible selling of Viber messaging app. Japanese E-commerce giant Rakuten acquired Viber Free Calling and Messaging App for $900 million says Reuters

Viber is one of the top 5 most used Smartphone Apps for free texting and calling¬†– Viber competes with Chinese ‘Wechat’, Korean ‘Line’ and WhatsApp from United States. Viber was controlled and managed from Cyprus by Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco.


Image credit: Viber Media/Rakuten Inc. 

Japanese Billionaire and owner of Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani believes that this acquisition would take his business and overall business empire to another level – It looks like that Viber has been sold at very high price which is stunning to see, but the benefit Rakuten is going to take from viber will be incredible and unprecedented.

E-store Rakuten is among top 1600 most visited websites in the world and a Japanese competitor of Amazon and Ebay – Point to be noted is, Ebay or Amazon do not own such type of free texting and messaging app which has almost 300 million users, here Rakuten makes a difference…

How Big Viber is?

You might be thinking what would be the benefit of buying Viber App to Rakuten? Well,¬†Rakuten might be looking for next 10 years, and seeing Viber to turn into a big empire of free communication around the world, as Viber’s biggest user base is from United States, Russia and Australia. Such acquisition and news might help Viber in developing its user base in Asia and Pacific region with more improvement in Europe and African regions.

Rakuten isn’t just an e-commerce giant, they might have different investments and companies – One of the biggest benefits Rakuten will get is, the audience who just knows Viber not Rakuten will come to know Rakuten as well – Knowing Rakuten means getting noticed and knowing other associated companies of Rakuten (if exist) – Rakuten E-commerce stores work in more than 10 countries, so Rakuten will surely going to hit the audience in those countries regarding Viber.

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