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Samsung eyes India’s Smartphone Market

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 9:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Samsung is world famous electronic and cellular phone manufacturer which has been considered head to head against Apple after recent few smart phones success globally. Smart phone’s trend came in last 7 years after iPhone got huge success and later on other brands activated in the smart phones market.

Samsung has been known for many successful mobile phones but in recent 2 years, Samsung revolutionized their mobile phone record and manufacturing abilities with the smart phones launching. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 actually revamped Samsung’s position in the global market and made them able to reach in top three smart phone sellers of the world.

Image Courtesy: Samsung

Image Courtesy: Samsung

Although, some experts believe that Samsung is now no. 1 smart phone seller but many people consider Apple as no. 1. Its not the point that which brand is no. 1 in the global market. The point is how many diversification and options a brand gives to the users and smart phone seekers. Samsung takes the edge in this area as Samsung have multiple Smart phone options and keep on bring latest Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the most successful Android Smart phones in the world which was released in 2012 and Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released in 2013 looks to break all the records of Samsung’s phones selling.

In the recent days news and speculations were heard about Samsung’s plan to make a manufacturing centre in India. India is a populated country with 1.25 Billion people and it considers a big market in the world. Technology wise India is a growing market; major IT and Tech companies consider entering to this market due to the vast demand in the country.

If Samsung opens a manufacturing hub in the India, then it would be a good sign for Indian market and smart phone users of India. Samsung might bring some specific mobile and smart phones for Indian market and definitely local consumers will be benefited with the possible entrance of Samsung in India as a manufacturer.

Android-Phone-Manufacturing in India

Tech and Smart phone lovers and geeks in India would be happy to listen to this news as Android is very famous mobile OS in India and Android smart phones have huge demand in India. Samsung’s entry into the India would create more competition to the local manufacturers and importers, competition might help buyers because they might get smart phones and mobiles in more cheap prices as compared to the past due to the high competition. Competition always help consumers because sellers and manufacturers try to bring more innovative, quality-oriented and good products in less and competitive prices to beat the competition. It helps buyers in picking up their favorite brands and new products in less prices somehow.

Samsung’s inclusion in the manufacturing market of Smart phones in India would help Indian smart phone market to grow more as other major smart phone manufacturers might see and think to invest in India which will be another plus for the local market. Chinese, Japanese and American brands can also set a watch over Indian smart phone market’s growth to consider for future investment if Samsung’s venture goes well.

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