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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors for March 2014

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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are telling that some big news and announcements are around the corner. We might be holding Samsung Galaxy S5 in few months as rumors are in the space about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S5 which is expected to be in March 2014.

There might be nothing true about the rumors but when it says rumors then they are rumors, interestingly we now give little importance to these tech-updates and release rumors, because somehow they turn out to be some kind of reality.


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In the past we have seen rumors of Samsung Galaxy S4 and it was actually came and became huge hit – Similarly rumors of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C came, and ultimately two iPhone dimensions released. There might be some kind of gossips + news + reality in the Samsung Galaxy S5 release rumors.


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There are few reasons why Samsung Galaxy S5 might arrive in March or April 2014:


Samsung Galaxy S4 completes 1 Year

Samsung Galaxy S4 was Samsung Galaxy’s last Smartphone which was released on March 13, 2013 and in this march it completes one year – So Samsung might be planning to bring another amazing Android Smartphone to compete Apple’s iPhone, Nexus Series, LG G2 and LG Optimus, Sony Xperia Series and Moto X Smartphones in the market.

It’s a big and solid reason why people are expecting Samsung Galaxy S5 from Samsung.

iPhone 6 Rumored to be released soon

iPhone 6 rumors are in the air too – So Samsung which has been a major competitor of iPhone and considered Android Smartphones category’s leader in the market, might be looking to balance the pressure and to compete with the rumored iPhone 6.

iOS 8 Rumors

Alleged iOS 8 might be another nightmare for Android Smartphone manufacturers – There are no solid evidence seen yet but gossips are there about next iOS version to be seen with iPhone 6.

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