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Samsung to Bring Gaming Console to Compete Apple and Google

Posted: July 1, 2013 at 6:39 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Samsung also looks to bring its own gaming console when talks are getting hype about Apple’s awaited Gaming console and Google looks to plan an Android based gaming console just after or with upcoming release of Android OS 4.3 or Android 5.0 which is expected in fall 2013.

Samsung has been one of the major players in the tech-market in last two years and will continue to play a dominating and decisive role in trend setting in the future. Samsung’s TV, mobile phones, Smartphones, LCD, VCD players, other electronics and home appliance products made Samsung a major brand of technology in the world.

In Smartphone line Apple’s biggest rival Samsung doesn’t stay back when a new era of competition looks to start in the fall 2013 or may be in 2014. Samsung where dominated in the recent 2 years in Smartphone global market, this brand might be looking and hoping to do the same with the gaming-line which is entirely a different market and mindset to capture.


The point to be noted is that, Samsung’s major Smartphones which were released in recent two years were Android based and now gossips are showing that Samsung’s next gaming console might not be directly associated with the Android operating system. There is a possibility of compatibility and supportive product as far as Samsung’s gaming console product and Android operating system are concerned.

Some experts and Samsung fans believe that Samsung might bring an addon-gaming console product which might be attached and linked to the Samsung Android phone and turn a new world for Samsung Smartphone users by turning a Smartphone and LCD into a full-fledged gaming zone. Things are not clear yet but they will be very soon as gaming console has taken so much attention of tech-experts and gaming lovers are enthusiastic about knowing more and more about gaming console news.


Whether Samsung or any other brand releases its gaming console, one thing is sure and clear, that in future tech-world is going to see another line of technology competition other than Smartphone which is gaming console product line.

Better offerings, pricing, specifications, compatibility and supportive-features might decide in later sometime in 2013 or may be in 2014 about the gaming console line domination among the top tech brands of the world. Samsung’s recent development in the Smartphone industry has made them a major hope for tech lovers and gaming console fans. If Samsung releases a gaming console as a full-fledged gaming platform, then it might take time to release and if it brings a compatible and an add-on device then you might see in hands very soon.


Its been learned through different sources that Samsung might collaborate with Electronic Arts (EA) for upcoming gaming console and games development.

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