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Samsung to Introduce Android-Watch on September 04, 2013

Posted: August 18, 2013 at 9:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Samsung looks to introduce Android based Watch on September 04, 2013 and this Smart-Android Watch has been named Samsung Galaxy Gear.

According to Bloomberg and many other news resources, Samsung’s Android watch will be able to make calls, get emails and surf the websites. Samsung Galaxy Gear will be a direct competition for Sony’s SmartWatch and Apple as well.

After Smartphones industry’s competition, now next-gen products like Smart Watches and gaming consoles would be a possible competition area where tech-giants will be giving strong competition to each other.


It looks pretty clear that tech-giants don’t want to limit their productivity to just TVs, Smartphones and appliances; they want to exceed more and capture new innovations to get more and more market share.

The purpose of bringing new innovations in the market is that there is no competition exists in the start and there is a type of monopoly for innovators and new product launching brand which can be considered ideal for those top brands.

Now this technology’s era is going to show more and more innovation, and Google glass, Smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Gear are the examples of such innovative and technological products.


Smart-Watch industry can’t be considered big as Smartphones and gaming consoles in 2013, but certainly it has already started taking attention. We can’t miss the factor of Android based Smartwatch. Samsung certainly knows the potential Android OS has made in the market, and Samsung’s Android Smartphones are widely acceptable Android phones globally. Samsung would be hopeful with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch product as its an Android-based Smartwatch and becomes a direct competitor to Sony Smartwatch which is also an Android based Smartwatch.

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