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Send Notifications, Files & Pics from Android to PC with Pushbullet

Posted: February 15, 2014 at 6:37 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Pushbullet is a useful Android App for sending your files, notifications, reminder, pictures and other data from your Android Phone to PC or Android Phone to your friend or PC to Android Phone.

Pushbullet makes it easier for you to get things from your computer onto your Android phone – Now it would allow you to save your time whereas it will be your files & notification assistant. Get notes and files from Android phone to computer.

It doesn’t only send pictures, files and notes from computer to Android phone, but also from Android phone to another Android phone which means your data can travel within your family or among friends circle easily by using Pushbullet Android App.

 Pushbullet Android app

Image credit:  Pushbullet Inc

When you send data from Pushbullet app, it delivers and gives notification to the receiver about the receiving data. When receiver sees the notification, a tap will will be required to open the received file from the sender and it instantly gets opened. Now sending files and attachments are not limited to Emails and Dropbox service – Pushbullet makes it convenient to help you in traveling your data from one device to another using this simple and free Android app.

Want to send some links of web pages or facebook pages to your friends without signing in to your email or facebook, Just use Pushbullet to send links to your friends and family. It has also an integration with google maps for finding places and addresses. Find out a lot more by using and testing Pushbullet Android App. People who are crazy about quick communication, talking and instant messaging on Android Phones might love this app.



Image credit:  Pushbullet Inc

Best thing about this is, its for both professional and home users – Professionals can use this app for official use to send reports, important office files & MS Word documents, whereas home users can share pictures, memes and much more among family members and friends.It seems that your Android Phone communication and data traveling are not limited to Viber, WhatsApp and Skype now.


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