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Creativity Meets Technology: Simplest Laptop Base

Posted: April 6, 2014 at 11:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Technology is something which is getting more and more into our lives – We’re probably unable to stop loving it – Laptops might be jealous of Smartphones, because we see our Phones more than laptops now – It was the time when Laptops replaced PCs in our lives…

This post is quite simple, not for sharing any news, update or technical review – Its about Art and Design which is even touched with the technology – Obviously technological product can’t succeed if the design doesn’t come with the same caliber.

I thought to share my recent ‘Simplest Laptop Base‘ which I actually thought first, and went for it – I didn’t make this, but I ordered to the professional carpenter to make it for me – He did it

This simple and amazing Laptop base helps me a lot now while using my laptop – I didn’t know before that when you get desired product made for yourself, it results your happiness. Surprisingly if you find some professional who makes your thing as you wanted, then what level of your satisfaction and happiness you get… hard to explain!

This looks a real Master piece of my carpenter – I’m quite happy and satisfied with the design, color, size and weight. Everything looks just fine. I thought to share it with you guys…

The lesson I learned from this experience is, whatever you want in life, enjoy every positive vibe you get, love each positive and healthy moment of your life – It adds life to your life




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