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Skype for Android shows Video-Caller outside Skype on your Android Tablet

Posted: January 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Skype is one of the best calling and messaging software available for various platforms. Skype for Android is equally famous as it is for desktop computers.

Skype Android App was updated on December 16, 2013 and adds more perfection to the user interface and becomes more easier to communicate while video chatting.

Skype Android App Updated: What’s New?

Now Skype for Android comes with great features – Recently Skype has been updated for Android and now you will stick to your friend or family member even when you are browsing on your tablets, doing some other work or emailing to someone.


Photo credit: Microsoft Skype Division

Your contact who you just called on your Skype using your skype account [both for skype credit users and wifi users], you don’t need to switch back once you want to listen to your friend or want to see him/her on the skype.


Photo credit: Microsoft Skype Division

Your friend will remain on desktop while doing video-chat with you on Skype Android tablet. This is an amazing utility and addition to the Skype for Android – It adds more value to the Skype Android App for Android tablet users.

Zooming to your contact list and just get the required alphabet-based contact name on Skype – [Need to grab the Kevin from your contact list? Go to the list and type K, the list of contact and specifically names starting with ‘K’ will appear – You will be able to zoom in and zoom out on specific alphabets.


Photo credit: Microsoft Skype Division

It’s quite comfortable when you are able to zoom to your contact list and easily press the required alphabets to get your required contacts.

Latest Skype Android App becomes more amazing with new features and previous bugs have been fixed. Now video chat has become more prominent, clear and compatible with many devices.

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