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Social Media Strategy: How LinkedIn Keeps Users Engaged and Socially Involved?

Posted: June 19, 2014 at 9:11 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

LinkedIn has been an emerging Social Media Site and surely a highly professional tool to engage, network and communicate with professionals around the globe. It has turned out to be a dominating Social Media option for corporate users, and its professional networking nature differentiates it from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

One of the major differences I have personally observed between LinkedIn and other Social Media Sites is, LinkedIn has found some interactive ways and reasons to stay in touch with their users, not in any way to publicize their material but to nurture the social and professional circle of the users.

Social Involvement and Ethics

Ethics are important. When you need to make people involve with you or with your work, it means you need them, and you want them to listen to you, and ultimately you require their attention, so ethics become more important.

When a buzz is created, most of the people get attracted towards it directly or indirectly, but the point is, you can’t guarantee that all of them will be happy to get that buzz…

[Personal Experience: Once I was sitting with a client for an outdoor marketing campaign consultancy, who was extremely in favor of hoardings and banners, but I found him strictly against the Text-Messaging Service for Advertising, the reason was, he hates to receive Advertising text-messages while driving the car]…

At that time I thought, your any campaign (especially marketing campaign) should never be disturbing for anyone.

Keeping those ethics in mind, I found it that whether you are advertising your services/products or creating any type of marketing buzz, your reach-to-prospects shouldn’t be something which makes them uneasy…

Sending someone an email might be disturbing for the receiver, if he/she isn’t intended to receive your email or he/she never asked for that email – LinkedIn uses emailing system to update users about various types of proceedings going on with his/her network.


LinkedIn Emailing and User Engagement

In this context, LinkedIn certainly goes beyond a line while sending the email, but I find LinkedIn email updates quite interesting, useful and valuable – that’s why I almost open every email which comes from LinkedIn related to my LinkedIn account.

Therefore, I found that usefulness matters.

LinkedIn actually not just sends an email, it always hints to something that is related to that user. If your contact on LinkedIn gets a new job, you’ll be notified about his/her new job, and LinkedIn offers you to send him/her a Congratulation message on getting a job.

If you follow that message and send a congrats message to your friend or contact on LinkedIn, it would add some value to your networking and relation with other professionals in the network.

LinkedIn emailing strategy isn’t just a typical awakening emailing campaign which says you haven’t logged in to your account, and we miss you!

But LinkedIn updates you about recent happenings with your network (Professional Network and Contacts on LinkedIn)… People never like advertisement until and unless it solves a high-value problem for them or they find it extremely entertaining.

Lesson to Learn from LinkedIn User Engagement Strategy

Whenever you reach your customers and try to engage them, make sure you are out there to sizzle them, and you have enough material (or deal) to deliver for their betterment, entertainment and benefit.

Brands, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Marketers always want to reach customers, LinkedIn’s User Engagement Strategy teaches us to nudge the audience with something to deliver, offer and tell them, not for the sake of selling and advertising.

Customers not always want to buy, sometimes they want to be impressed by something you know or what your skills can deliver in your end-product…

I’m quite happy how LinkedIn excites people to open up their LinkedIn Accounts by providing them various information and facts about user’s account.

May be we should also get little helpful with our Social Media Strategy – Telling useful things to the followers and friends on Social Media might be far better than just sharing content with them – The Content they might never click to because they never want it, so it won’t be worth it for them…

Tell me how did you find LinkedIn? If you like this article, please share on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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