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SoundCloud Android App: SoundCloud UI Improved for Android Tablets

Posted: January 15, 2014 at 7:06 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Listening Songs and get connected to new musicians, music innovators, struggling singers and talented music professionals – all that looked tough years back, it doesn’t anymore – Now power your Android phone or tablet with SoundCloud Android App to get connected to the most musical social community and world’s largest music sharing and listening website.

SoundCloud is quite famous among music fans, lovers, professional and amateur musicians – I’m not a big fan of music though, but I have my own taste and timing of music which occasionally make me music addict.

So, Why I’m telling and discussing SoundCloud and its Android App?

Obviously its about SoundCloud and its Android App, but another thing which I like about SoundCloud is, it has filled its own place – Like created its own place and filled it in style. SoundCloud is among top 200 most visited websites in the world.


Image credit: SoundCloud

SoundCloud started in 2008 and within few years it has turned out to be one of the best and top websites in the world – The ideas actually wins in social communities and global web portals. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Viber and WhatsApp got huge success…


Because they brought something to the market which wasn’t available previously and they just grabbed the opportunity – I started using Hi5 Social media website way before someone knows Facebook. Facebook got viral (famous) in 2006-07, and I almost started using Facebook in 2007, but I joined hi5 in 2005-06.


Image credit: SoundCloud

So the point is, if you got something and you’ve just made the right display, then you are going to earn. SoundCloud certainly opened up the new way of life, they might have given new hopes and lights to the thousands of eyes in pursuing the better career and life.

When your innovation touches life, it becomes huge! 

SoundCloud Android App Update: Bugs Removed and User-Interface Improved

SoundCloud has improved its Android App and this update has been seen on January 10, 2014. There are complains about Crashing of music file after editing, and App wasn’t responding to the certain actions related to editing and recording. So latest SoundCloud Android App comes with the solution and this problem has been solved.


Image credit: SoundCloud

Secondly latest SoundCloud Android App gets another major update which is it has now a better display and user-interface for Android tablet users. You might have seen some problems regarding improper display of SoundCloud Android App, some graphic-error which you might have thought that what chicly design SoundCloud has adopted for Android tablet users, then you were wrong!

There were some errors for Android tablet users which have been fixed and you are good to go for SoundCloud Android App on your Android tablets.

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