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Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game Review

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Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game is an amazing survival and adventurous game for Adventure and surviving programs and films lovers. Some people and youngsters like to play adventurous and action games and Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game is one of those games to be played.

In Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android game you have to run and save yourself (Bear Grylls). Bear Grylls is a great character in the game and lead hero of this game whose survival is your survival in the game. Actually Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game idea has been taken from two different things, first it is running based game which are very famous these days on the Google Play and secondly Bear Grylls is a famous Adventurous and Survival based knowledge program host on Discovery channel.

Bear Grylls got huge popularity from his famous Survival programs series ‘Man vs Wild’ in which he teaches audience how to survive in the difficult situations if you have been trapped somewhere or just lost, so he tells by going into the same situations in those remote and dangerous areas of the world.

Bear Grylls Android Game

Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game is launched by F84 Games and it has become huge hit on the Google play. Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game is all about survival just like Man vs Wild program but it is running based survival in which you have get coins to add points, you have to face the tough situations and cross the hurdles in the way, some jumps and leaps will be required for you in this game.

Bear Grylls Android Surival Run Game

After installation you are guided about how to jump from the swipe on the screen and how to just bend and slide to avoid the shade-hurdles in some areas. Its a great fun to play this game. If you have watched Bear Grylls’ programs on the TV, then you must like this game.


Bear Grylls is a Britain special forces retired officer and now he is a famous TV host. He has fan following around the world and whenever a jungle adventure is discussed among TV programs in youth, they always quote and recall Bear Grylls.

An exciting thing is, Bear Grylls is running from the Bear in this game who has been seen running to eat Bear Grylls in the start of the game and Grylls has to run and cross the stages and levels in this game. Download Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game and enjoy it on your Android Phone.

In the recent updated version of Survival Run with Bear Grylls Android Game, you will enjoy more amazing user experience, improved graphics, Rescue chopper, Paraglider safety and rescue option and much more.

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