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Thor – The Dark World [Android Game Updated]

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Thor – The Dark World is an official Android game for Marvel’s fiction and superhero based character ‘Thor’ – Thor has been one of the famous superheroes of today’s fiction and sci-fi films and he is famous as Asgard and mankind’s savior.

Thor’s life has been full of thrilling, action, defense and challenges – You might have seen Thor movie in the recent past. Thor is a well known film which was released in 2011. This American superhero film was based on the character of Marvel Comics. Thor’s first part was released in 2011 and it was directed by Kenneth Branagh, written by Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne, and this film has been quite famous among fiction film lovers.

Thor: The Dark World film was released on October 30, 2013 worldwide and released in United States on November 8, 2013.

Its Android game has been a hit on Google play store and App store, which indicates the popularity of Thor film and game.

About the Game Story: Thor – The Dark World

Thor – The Dark World is all about the dark concept of invading the world and Thor’s arrival to save nine worlds – Thor’s pure and clear intentions are to save the universe from being taken over and ruled by dark shadows of cruelty and fear.

Malekith, the lord of Dark Elves which is also an old rival of Asgard has been come forward to challenge the Thor’s power and dignity – Now once again Thor has be play his vital role to save the universe from such evil spirits.

This Android game is full of action, fight, adventure and thrill – You will be leading the Asgard and its hope in the form of Thor – Thor needs to be powerful, energetic and hopeful in order to sustain and fight against the Loki (Adopted brother of Thor) who might have gone wrong once against and he might be at the back-end of Malekith in this story.


Photo credit: Gameloft

He didn’t learn the lesson – You guys need to be ready as a Thor’ – Now it’s up to you how you understand the responsibilities of Thor’ and deal with the situations. Thor’ doesn’t need to wait for the Avengers to come and because enemies will be powerful enough to attack and takeover the universe – It’s only Thor and Asgard’s high hopes from the Thor’ which can motivate you as a Thor’ gaming character to compete well against the Malekith.


Photo credit: Gameloft

This epic fight will be seen in this Android game. It is designed in the ‘Thor – The Dark World’ Android game which requires 1.6 GB free space on your Android Phone to be installed.

Thor – The Dark World Updated

Thor – The Dark World Android game has been updated on January 03, 2014. This version of Thor’ Android game requires 2.3 Android OS version or later to run this Android game. New features have been quite amazing in the Thor’ The Dark World.


Photo credit: Gameloft

Some of the key updates are:

  • New home for Dark Elves added, and they are intended to be more powerful this time.
  • 18 new missions have been added in this update.
  • Malekith has been the biggest threat and new Devil Boss to fight against the Thor.
  • A new battle ground of Svartalfheim Arena added.
  • Improved capacity for Thor’ to tackle the tough situations and hurdles.
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