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3 HTC One Model Variants Released by HTC

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HTC is a famous mobile and technology products manufacturer from Taiwan. HTC has made a mark in the Smartphone world where big giants like Samsung, Sony, Apple and LG are working and HTC’s new Smartphone Series HTC One launched in 2013 with the successor of HTC One X which could not get success in the market due to many technological and marketing factors.

HTC One is a 4.1.2 Android OS based Smartphone with CPU 1.7 GHz quad-core Krait 300, GPU technology Adreno 320 and RAM of 2 GB with the Storage limit of 32 or 64 GB options.

Now HTC One looks far better than the 2012 release from HTC house. HTC knows that if they have to survive in the big Smartphone market where they have local competitors in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, China and most importantly in Taiwan, then they have to raise their quality, class and calibre because after beating the domestic competitors in different markets as mentioned, then they have to face big giants of the global market like Samsung, LG, Apple and Sony.

Verizon HTC One

HTC One series is an Android based Smartphone Series and Samsung, LG and Sony are also offering Android based Smartphones. HTC One looks to make a mark and to give a sign of satisfaction for Taiwanese manufacturer, because HTC One Android Smartphone has already taken the attention of the people prior to the release which was one of the sign of good marketing and product positioning.

HTC One has been one of the best Smartphones of 2013 having high class internal and external features with aluminium case, capturing sensor in the camera and many other high-tech features to make it once-and-for-all choice for Smartphone lovers.

In the start of 2013, HTC One was set to release in March 2013 but later on the release was delayed due to some manufacturing updates and processing and date shifted to April. Craze of HTC One due to high quality and sleek design overall marvellous hardware specifications, was continued to increase and later on, in its first release, 5 million units were sold (According to Wikipedia).

After some time, HTC announced three more versions of HTC One which were set to be territorial based upgraded Smartphones with almost same credentials.

Three HTC One Model Variants Released by HTC

HTC recently released three variants in HTC One with Android 4.2 in Google Play edition of HTC One. These model variants include Google Play edition, Chinese version and Japanese version:

Google Play edition

 HTC announced few weeks back about the Google play edition of HTC One which will be sold on Google play which will be based on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Google play edition is not a new venture, Google Nexus editions Smartphones have already been sold on Google play. HTC One Google play edition was released in the United States on June 26, 2013.

HTC One Japanese version

HTC One Japanese version is also known as HTC J One was announced by Japanese carrier KDDI few weeks earlier. HTC J One with Japanese cellular carrier offering was a good deal to capture the latest Android Smartphone in Japanese version for Japanese Smartphone fans.

HTC One Chinese version

HTC One Chinese version was released in April 2013 with three carriers in the China. China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile were the initial carriers of HTC One in China. HTC One Chinese version has some outstanding features, removable back cover, microSD slot and dual sim features make this Smartphone a perfect choice for Chinese market.

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