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Top 10 Free Android Games of April 2014

Posted: April 18, 2014 at 6:07 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Android Games keep on coming, and we can’t stop loving them – Android Users start playing some games, and they hear about another viral-famous game, and start playing it – So momentum keeps on shifting from one game to another or one-type of game to another type of game.

Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Flappy Bird and few more Android games have been widely famous and still getting a lot of attention and heat in the smartphone games market – Android and iOS are two major platforms every game developer and gaming-company love to focus initially before getting windows phone and BlackBerry OS versions.

I thought to share few of the best Android Games which are competing amazingly in the free Android games section on Google Play – So, I’m going to share Top 10 Free Android Games of April 2014 which you might love to play (or may be playing few of these), but if you aren’t playing yet, then you must try any of these games:

Top 10 Free Android Games of April 2014


1 – Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers is one of the world famous Android Games – It has been staying in top downloads on Google Play for months now. It is running based Arcade and Adventurous game. Running game concept got huge acceptability after Temple Run game, later on Temple Run 2 and Survival Run games also released. It was quite tough to compete with these sort of high-value and viral games, but Subway Surfers added something more in a running and survival game. Its gameplay, graphics, characters and concept helped this game to become one of the most downloaded Android games on Google Play. link

2 – Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 has reached to the second-spot on Google Play Top Free Games Category. Despite the fact that Temple Run became viral, and got huge number of downloads, but now Temple Run 2 is growing in Free Games category leaving Temple Run behind. link

3 – Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga is a sweet puzzle game with around 400 levels to enjoy – Candy Crush Saga got huge success with its candies concept in the puzzle. You might love to take a sweet and delicious journey. link

4 – Tennis 3D
Tennis 3D is a fantastic tennis playing game on Google Play. It’s a gift to tennis fans and lovers who want to play tennis game on Android Phone. Now Play Tennis 3D with amazing control options to hit the best shots on the court inside your Android Phone or tablet.
Just swipe the finger to hit, also check the swipe to slice the ball if you want to play a drop-shot to win the point. Tennis 3D is famous for its high-quality gameplay, graphics and control features. Select your favorite player and compete with other best players in the world. link

5 – Shoot Bubble Deluxe
Shoot Bubble Deluxe is an amazing and virally famous puzzle game for Android users. Shoot the bubbles to make the combination of 3 similar bubbles to let them burst to get points. It’s a typical bubble-shooting game with an amazing game style, easy interface and entertaining concept. link


6 – Temple Run
Temple Run might be remembered as the first viral running game. If you want to survive than just run and run fast – The beast is coming after you, and you have to save yourself by keep on running, avoiding the hurdles on the way, and to keep yourself alive, be steady, calm and alert while running.
Temple Run might be the mother of all running games on Android and iOS. It is certainly a great entertaining and addictive game to play. link

7 – Sniper Hero
Sniper Hero is a pure action and shooting game. This game is about sniper with a Rifle in hand. It’s about dignity and humanity to fight against the monster invasion. They are coming to kill you and eat you – So save yourself and people out there by using your gun against the killer monsters. link

8 – Best Motorcycle Games
Best Motorcycle Games is a collection of various Motorcycle Rallies and Races to compete on your Android Phone. It’s a racing party for Bikers and Motorcycle game fans. link

9 – Hill Climb Racing
Get ready for the ride which might not be the easy one. Difficult and arrogant hills are there, waiting for you and your car to challenge you. It’s the time to use your ignition paddle with care, passion, style and enthusiasm to reach the top of the hill. link

10 – Cricket T20 Fever 3D
Are you a fan of cricket? Do you follow IPL, Big Bash T20, Friends life T20, World Twenty20 or any other famous Cricket T20 tournament? Cricket T20 Fever 3D might be one of the favorite Android games for Cricket fans and lovers around the world. Start playing Cricket on your Android phone now by downloading Cricket T20 Fever 3D. link

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