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Top 4 Autism Apps for Android on Google Play

Posted: December 30, 2013 at 10:25 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Have you ever heard about Autism? It is actually a disorder of brain development and known as Autism Spectrum Disorder in medical terminologies. Now you must be thinking what would be the consequences of this brain disorder. Actually, the individual suffering from Autism faces difficulties in social interaction, repetitive behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication. The question that may arise in mind is what causes this kind of brain development disorder. There can be any reason behind causing Autism. However, there are two major causes, which lead to Autism. These causes are as follows:

  • Genetic problem
  • Environmental factors including viral infections, stress, and other complications during pregnancy

According to experts, 1 American child is suffering from this disease out of every 88 kids and this ratio will be increased in next 40 years, which is alarming.

4 Special Android Apps for People with Special Needs

 In such a situation, the concern can be how to facilitate such individuals to make them the part of this fast growing society. Different ways can be considered to achieve this goal. For example, there are various communities developed to assist such individuals and their families. The Android apps’ developers also acknowledged this fact and developed lots of Android apps for the individuals with special needs. If any of your loved ones is also suffering from Autism then you can also consider any of the following Android apps to facilitate them in a better way:


As we all know that people suffering from Autism face difficulties while communicating to other society members. Keeping this concern in mind Android app developers developed an app for facilitation, which is known as Voice4U. With the help of this amazing app, the individual can easily express what he feels, thinks along with the things they need to have.


The best part is that besides using the app’s 150 pre-loaded icons, the user can also create his own icons for his ease. You can buy this amazing Android app for just $59.99 from the Android market. Buy on Google Play

Quick Talk

Telling what is needed is always the most difficult thing to do for an Autism person. The Android app developers understood this need and thus, developed Quick Talk for such people.


Using this app, they can tell others what they actually want with ease. One can buy this amazing app for just $4.99, which is not that expensive to afford. Buy on Google Play


Making Autism people learn the communication modes can be the most difficult thing but now you can do so by having JABtalk app in your Android Phone or tablet. This app actually combines images and personalized voice to offer a communication solution to the user.


The app has user friendly interface and thus it is quite easy to use. You will be amazed to know that many speech therapists also declared this app as the most smart and useful app for people having Autism. Hence, you can say that now leaning communication is not that difficult for your loved one if you have JABtalk app in your Android phone or tablet. Download from Google Play

iReward Chart

Making Autism kids learn the right behavior is quite an indispensable need to make them active in a society. However, rewarding is also necessary to keep them motivated. This can be done easily with the help of iReward Chart app, as this app may help you to reward your kid with special needs for his good behavior.


This approach will keep your kid motivated. The best part is that you do not have to spend much on buying this app, as this is available for just $3.99 in the Android market. Buy on Google Play

In nutshell, the Android apps for Autism kids are countless. You just have to find out the right app to facilitate your kid in the right manner.

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