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Top 4 RSS Reader Apps for Android Devices

Posted: July 11, 2013 at 2:38 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Find out great and amazing RSS Reader Apps for Android devices to read your news blogs and websites via rss. Now don’t miss any news when you are away from your computer. Top 4 RSS Reader Apps for Android Devices is a simple and great update for you and all Android users having Android Phone or Android tablet to read latest news via RSS subscriptions.

Pulse News

Pulse News is one of the most favourite reader apps for Android Users. Pulse News Android app provides you many blogs, news websites and online magazine on your Android phone or tablet. Pulse News Android app is a great app for readers and one of the coolest and simplest ways to read your favourite blogs.

Pulse News

You can add your favorite blogs on Pulse News Android app. Pulse News reads the RSS feed to bring the latest updates from the added blogs.  Pulse News Android App is one of the most downloaded and used RSS reader now after Google Reader is dead. Download Pulse News Android App


gReader is another simple option for RSS readers and Feed readers worldwide. If you want to subscribe to many different blogs through RSS feed right on your Android phone or tablet, just install gReader Android app to get updates of the latest and favorite blogs you have added to the list.


Now you don’t have to switch to different blogs you want to check or you have bookmarked in your browser. Use your Android phone to access and read your favorite blogs within no time on your Android phone. Download gReader Android App


Taptu is a famous RSS reader and News reader for Android Users.  Taptu Android App is a free Android app for RSS readers and Blog fans that need RSS reader to read different news websites and blogs daily.

Taptu - DJ your News

Taptu Android App is one of the most used and downloaded RSS reader apps on the Google play. When Google Reader was closed, alternatives of Google readers got popularity, because people still need RSS and News readers on their tablets and Android phones, So alternative of Google readers got a shot. Now start following your favorite blogs on Taptu Android App. Download Taptu Android App

Google Currents

Google Currents is a reader Android app for Android Users. It helps Android tablet and Smartphone users to read different blogs and magazines on the Android devices. Now get latest stories from your added news sites and blogs right on your Android devices. Read all the stories and news in the fast and effective way on your Stylish and cool Android device. Download Google Currents

Google Currents

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