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Top 5 Android Apps for Beginners and New Android Users

Posted: June 22, 2013 at 4:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Top 5 Android Apps for Beginners and New Android Users which are mentioned in this article would be a fantastic source of getting and knowing great resources of Android Apps. Android Apps are always important for Android apps and when Android users find free Android apps which fulfill the requirement; those apps become more valuable for the Android Users.
Check Top 5 Android Apps which are mentioned below in this article for your Android Smartphone and experience something new on your Android phone. Whether you are a professional Android user or just a home user, you would love to get few great Android Apps for your Android phone.

Top 5 Android Apps for Beginners and New Android Users



Feedly is an outstanding RSS reader for your android phone. You can organize your own RSS or News feeds on your phone and android tablet. The users of the app can organize their favorite websites with the help of specific colors code and you can sort these sites according to the categories and their news. If you want to save some extra contacts you can do the same with the help of instapaper and app’s pocket service.

Feedly. Google Reader News RSS
This app is automatically attached with Google reader and the articles you read will be marked as auto in the Google’s service. Download Feedly Android App

Kies Air

This is one of the most popular and well organized applications in the list of android apps for every type of users. In Kies Air users can access, save and transfer the content to their PC or mobile browser with the help of a WiFi connection.
Kies Air is a great communication tool for home and office users to send your data to your other computers or PC.

Kies Air

Do you need to know how to immediately send files from iPad to your laptop? Use Kies Air for such backups and urgent solutions. You can connect your phone with your PC for quick work and manage information, your documents, events and calls. You can upload pictures in a well-organized manner to see them after some time. You can quick scan your Smartphone after attaching your device with your PC. It is an amazing Android app for home and professional users.
Download Kies Air Android App

Lookout Security & Antivirus

No one wants that his or her android phone gets affected with a malware, so to protect your Android phone you have to install Lookout Security and Antivirus on your Android phone. This is a popular security app with over 400,000 downloads by android phone users. If you install this app on your Android phone, then your Android phone will be protected from any malware, virus and theft problem.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

You will have a complete control on your data with the help of your device as your data can be stolen, lost or affected by some viruses, if you don’t protect it. There are five big names of IT world PCWorld,TechCrunch, CNET and PC Magazine consider this app as best for better protection of your Smartphone. Download Lookout Security & Antivirus Android App

Minecraft – Pocket Ed. Demo

There is a paid version of this app is available on Google Play store however, before installing its paid version, the free Demo of Minecraft can by test by Android users.Minecraft - Pocket Ed. Demo

With the help of this app you can hang-out with friends and family, traveling schedules and many other things can be managed by the app. So don’t forget to take a view of this fantastic app after installing it on your android Smartphone. Download Minecraft Android App

LINE camera

Line Camera is a famous and useful Android app for photo editing and management. After installing this app you will get to know that this is the top app in photo edition line as over hundred thousand android users have experienced this app.
You can add creative effects on your photos, you can make facebook covers and make many photos ready for Instagram as well.

LINE camera

After editing and effects embossing on your photos, you can share your photo with friends and family. There are 150 brushes, 800 stamps and over 100 frames in this app. As a New Android user this app will be a good fun for you and it is easy to use and have many fantastic features, so don’t wait and install it on your Android phone. Download Line Camera Android App

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