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Top 5 CPM Networks to Make Money on Your Blog

Posted: October 24, 2015 at 7:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Among the many ways of making money via blog, CPM programs have served to be one great thing. The CPM networks pay you as per the number of impressions received. The fascinating thing about CPM is that you will get paid even if your visitors don’t click on the ads.

In case your website is receiving lots of visitors daily, then why not avail the chance of making money through the CPM programs.

In case, you are looking forward to making money through CPM. Now it’s your chance to find out few of the best CPM Ad networks to join as a publisher.

CPM Ad Networks

Here is the list of top 5 networks that can let you make the most of this opportunity:

1. Tribal Fusion

With this program, you can make $50 at the minimum and you will be paid through check which is sent via mail. You need to have at least 500,000 impressions/month. They have strict publisher requirements but if you are lucky enough to get the approval then you can start making a significant amount of money from the blog.

2. Technorati

In case you did not get approval at Tribal Fusion, then you can try your luck at Technorati. Their minimum payout starts from $20. You will get paid through wire transfer, account credit, and PayPal. Once you get into the premium list, then you can start earning a lot of money from this CPM program. It is easy to get approval at this program. Although you will not get as much support as other programs, but it is still worth it.

3. Conversant

In order you use this network, you need 3000 impressions in a month and your blog will get approved for ads. The sizes and types of ads that you can choose from vary. The minimum amount of money that you can start earning is $20. You will get paid through PayPal and check.

4. CPX Interactive

It also lets you post ads of different sizes and types starting from the banners, leaderboards, pop-ups and skyscrapers. You must select the one which is according to your business needs and which can easily blend the layout of your blog. You will enjoy 60 percent payout with this program.

5. Vibrant Media

It is one of the widely growing CPM advertising networks. Publishers are allowed to choose different kinds of formats which can be placed on different places to earn more from a particular page due to its page impressions. You can insert text and images in the ads and even use the banner ads. You will also get access to the editorial tools that will let you circulate the users throughout your website. It is one integral platform to earn revenue.

You can start using any of these platforms to earn money through your blog. If you have a high impression rate, then there cannot be any better opportunity than this to earn. As you place the ads on the promotion place at your website or blog, this is going to bring you a steady stream of income readily. Anyone can get started with earning money through CPM.

P. S. There could be mistakes in the brief explanation. For further information, please review the websites of the mentioned CPM networks.

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