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Top 5 Free Cloud Data Storage Apps on Android

Posted: January 7, 2015 at 10:33 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

You might want Free Cloud Data Storage Apps on your Android device someday, because cloud data storage is today’s need – And one of the most emerging and growing trends among professionals, PC  Users and IT Geeks.

Cloud data storage is a facility to store (upload) data from your PC, Laptop or Any supported Mobile device (iOS or Android) to the Cloud Service using its account with the ability to remotely access the data from any other linked device from that account.

For example, If you sign up with Gmail and install Google Drive on your PC and Android Phone, you’ll be able to access Google Drive account through PC and Android Phone as well. Share, upload and access data from cloud account within no time.

There are many cloud services which aren’t free to use and probably having some premium features for businesses and professional users, but there are few top notch cloud services which are having enough-capacity and space in their free versions for an average Smartphone and PC User.

So, I’m going to get you a list of Top 5 Free Cloud Data Storage Services and Apps to use on Android:


1 – Google Drive

Google Drive is google’s cloud-storage service. It shares Gmail account default 15 GB space for cloud service. It’s a pure cloud-storage service with the option to install Cloud-software on your desktop computer to upload or store data in your Google drive. [Check Website]


2 – Dropbox

Dropbox is probably one of the major and most famous cloud-storage services in the world. Dropbox is available for Free and extended services and storage can be purchased. It has apps for various mobile platforms to synchronize with Desktop and Dropbox Account. [Check Website]


3 – OneDrive

OneDrive is a free cloud-storage service from Outlook (Hotmail). It has 15 GB free storage to offer for every hotmail user. It works pretty much similar to Google Drive. It shares 15 GB storage of Hotmail Account. [Check Website]


4 – Mega

Mega is probably the most stunning and amazing Cloud-storage service in the list. It offers 50 GB free cloud-storage to every user. I have personally used Mega service. It has smartphone apps to connect your Mega account with your Smartphones. Users can extend the space by purchasing the premium offers. [Check Website]


5 – JustCloud

JustCloud is another free cloud-storage service in the space. It’s another cloud-stage service which provides various features to avail cloud-storage. You might love to avail 1 GB free cloud-storage service by purchasing the Bluehost Web Hosting. [Check Website]

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