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Top 5 Free Diabetic Android Apps of 2014

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You must have heard that health is wealth and there is no doubt about it. When we do not feel well, we do not want to do anything else except getting well. Diabetes also known as Diabetes Mellitus, it is one of such diseases which affects the human health badly because of inadequate production of insulin in the body or poor response of body cells to the produced insulin.  The worst part is that many other body complications like heart problem, eye complications, mental illness, hypertension, and much more are also associated with this disease.

How to Manage Diabetes?

If you are also suffering from this disease, then do not worry, as now you can manage your disease with the help of medication, proper diet, and self-care. Keep in mind that self-care includes a lot of things including the followings:

  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Regular visits to doctors
  • Taking medicines and insulin on time
  • Following healthy diet
  • Focusing exercise regimen

Get Android Apps to Monitor your Diabetes

Now the question that may arise in your mind is how one can do self-care to manage Diabetes. There can be many ways to focus on self-care but the handiest one in this techno era is considering Android apps for this purpose.

List of Top 5 Free Diabetic Android apps of 2014

There is a huge list of Android apps, which have been developed to assist Diabetic patients and the physicians for easy monitoring of diabetes. However, the list of Top 5 free Diabetic Android apps of 2014 is as follows:

Diets for losing weight

What to eat and what not to eat is one of the most important concerns of a Diabetic patient, as one has to prefer eating only those products, which do not increase the sugar level in the human body. Now with the help of Diets for losing weight Android App’ which is an amazing Android app for diabetic patients who want to lose weight can use this app on their Android Smartphones as it is good for you to eat healthily and keep on eying on the health and diet stats being a diabetic patient.

Diets for losing weight-Android-app

Having this handy app in your Smartphone, you can keep a lot of health information and diet plan in control. Hence, in simple words, this amazing app helps you in eating the appropriate food and keeps you fit. Source

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Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite

Once you buy the food products, next thing comes to you is, how to cook them. Considering the proportion of fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and calories is imperative while cooking for a diabetic patient is necessary. To cook the right food for a Diabetic patient, you can get Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite for free.


The most amazing thing is that you do not have to read the directions, as this app will read them for you to offer you an easy cooking experience. Source

Glucose Buddy – Diabetes Helper

Monitoring your blood sugar level, carbohydrate intake, A1C level, etc. along with timely intake of medicine is compulsory for every Diabetic patient.


Now you can do all this with the help of Glucose Buddy, which is a Diabetes helper in a true sense. Using this Android app, you can get timely notifications and reminders, which will help you to focus on self-care. Source

Diabetic Connect

Talking to other Diabetic patients about their health problems and self-care methodologies can also help you to find the best way out for you.


You can do so by getting Diabetic Connect, a free Android app that will help you for sure. Using this amazing app, you can connect to the people, who either know what you are going through or suffering from the same illness – Talk, Learn and explore about problems and indications of Diabetes. Source

OnTrack Diabetes

Last but not the least, you can keep your Diabetes on Track with the help of OnTrack Diabetes whether it is about medication, food intake, blood sugar level or anything else, which can impose a positive impact on your health. Source


P.S. Apps could assist us in many ways. Don’t prefer any medical related app over doctor’s advice. Always consult your doctor before applying any health tip that you read on the internet.

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