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Top 5 Short-Video Messaging Social Apps for Android

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Top 5 Short-Video Messaging Social Apps for Android is a useful article for Android users and short-video messaging and social media micro-video messaging fans.

Using any of these Top 5 Short-Video Messaging Social Apps for Android OS will be a great experience for you. Everybody loves to test new apps and nowadays social media apps and social sharing communities are rapidly growing trends. There are many useful and amazing Android apps for short-video messaging and uploading, but those apps for not famous and people did not adopt after early bugs and problems and people keep others informed on social media about the problems on any app or website. Different forums and blogs commenting also help out people in knowing about different websites or Social media apps.

Recently Instagram launched video-messaging service to compete Twitter’s Vine and Keek. There are many other competitors in the market and top 5 in the video-messaging social apps for Android are mentioned below:

Top 5 Short-Video Messaging Social Apps for Android



Keek is a famous social networking video service which is famous among Smartphone users who love to follow social media apps. Keek Android App allows its users to upload video with hashtags and that video comes in the hashtag based search engine of the app and people can find your videos and comment on that.


Followers and finders can comment on the video by video messaging. Status update is called keek, just like twitter update is called tweet. Keek is available on many other OS platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. An embed option in the keek makes possible for the readers to add their keeks on their blogs and website by adding the embedded code. Download Keek Android App


Vine is a well known Smartphone app which makes short 6-second video from the smartphone and provides the opportunity to post video on the App engine. Short clips works like Pictures on the Instagram.


Vine is famous short-videos sharing social app own by Twitter now and it is one of the most used Smartphone app in its kind. Vine provides the opportunity to embed videos to the twitter. Twitter acquired Vine in 2012. Recently Vine launched its Android app initially it was just available for iOS users. Vine for Android works on Android 4.0 or higher versions. Download Vine Android App


Viddy is another Social messaging app which works with clip recording and gives 30-second for user to record and complete the video. 30 Seconds video is a big edge of Viddy over famous Vine video messaging App.


Adding the effects on your video, addition of music, change color and brightness of the video to give some creative touch make this app more useful and helpful for the readers. Viddy Android app can share your uploaded videos on the app, to the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. Download Viddy Android App


Mobli Android App is another option for video-sharing and micro-video messages uploading fans. Mobli Android App works like other video-sharing apps, it records short video and upload to the app engine to be searched. Mobli Android App users can add pictures on the Mobli as well.


Users of Mobli Android App can search pictures and let people find their friends, family and new contacts by location, subject and other options. Mobli Android App maker believes that such type of feature which is not even present in the other top and most demanding video-recording social networking apps makes Mobli different in the market. Download Mobli Android App


Socialcam is a well-known social media app for Smartphones. Socialcam launched on March 7, 2011. Socialcam is a Smartphone app to take pictures from any Smartphone to the Socialcam app and those pictures and videos can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. Download Socialcam


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