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Twitter Android App Updated

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 9:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Twitter Android App is one of the most downloaded Android app on Google Play with downloads crossed 100 million. Social Media and networking has become a vital aspect of communication, PR, Advertisement and Business Promotion, so everyone try to get into the space to make an identity.


Twitter Android App provides the chance to Android Phone users to remain connected to their followers and keep their friends, colleagues and fans informed about their updates and recent work. Twitter Android App Updated on June 04, 2013 on Google play and now Twitter Android App users can enjoy updated version of Twitter App on the Android Phone.

If your Android did not mention this update then you should go to Google play and download the latest version on your Smart phone. Android users are so lucky that they have access to world’s biggest Apps store access where they can use and download thousands of free apps.Android-Twitter-app

Social media experts, Social media fans, Internet marketers, bloggers, webmasters and people from all the walks of life use Twitter, so Twitter Android App can be a great solution for them to use twitter on their Android Phone. Android users are 51% of the world smart phone buyers which means more than half of the world’s smart phones are Android Smart phones and this tells us the importance of Google play and Google’s mobile OS Android’s demand among the smart phone users.

Latest Twitter Android App provides the chance to twitter users to compose their tweets with more ease and quick access to follow through on your tweets. Retweets, Replies, Connect and Discovers are fast in this Twitter Android App version. Android users with 4.0 or later Android versions can enjoy more clear, long slide wall and improved accessing and using experience in this Twitter Android App version.

Twitter Android App is certainly an important and one of the demanding Android apps in the world. Twitter is among top 3 social media sites in the world and which makes Twitter Android App so important for Twitter and twitter users as well. Twitter App is not only available for Android, but it is also available for ipad, iphone, blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian etc.

Now Android Users can enjoy the latest version of Twitter Android App on their Android Smart phones. Update your Twitter Android App as soon as possible to experience newness and innovation. Sticking with old version might create problems for your Twitter Android App experience, normally old versions get slow and new versions come with old bugs removed and with better user experience ingredients.

Updated Features of Twitter Android App

– More elegant and User free interface of Twitter has been added to Twitter Android App.

– Improved user experience with high quality graphics are parts of this Twitter Android App Update.

– Sleek and stylish design of real time stories updates and new updates from contacts.

– Improved updating options like Pictures, videos and text status updates are major part of this update.

– Easy process of following your favourite celebrities and personalities on the twitter tells us the best things about this update.

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