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How to Display Preferred Updates on Your LinkedIn Wall

Posted: January 2, 2015 at 7:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Displaying Preferred Updates on your LinkedIn wall or showing up timeline of your LinkedIn account with recent updates, top stories, connections’ updates and network’s news might be something you really never taken care of… But I did, I thought to change it… 

Actually, I wasn’t really comfortable with the LinkedIn original wall – It was okay that LinkedIn Pulse‘ hot and featured articles were coming at top, but I was thinking to take more control over my LinkedIn wall. I wanted to see some real beneficial things.

I wanted to see my networks’s contribution to the LinkedIn groups and I wanted to be updated with the Publication they are doing – And, one day I thought to check this out and finally look over into LinkedIn.

So I got it!

I found the solution very quickly… Now I’m going to share it with you, so that you go over to your LinkedIn account, do the same thing which I did, and I’m sure you’ll see an improvement in your LinkedIn account’s performance.


LinkedIn is a major business-oriented social networking website and one of my favorite social networks to use. So I try to spend time on my account. Besides contributing to the LinkedIn groups, I keep eyes on the connections and their updates… I thank new connections for giving their time to send me adding-request or accepting mine…

You know, LinkedIn is smart. It keeps you updated with your network, you probably know that it keeps taking your inputs for your connections – Endorsements, Congratulations and Jobs recommendations kept on coming on your LinkedIn account – Besides that LinkedIn shows you stats and sharing analysis of your content.

Now, let me show you the real deal!

Go to your linkedin account, after logging in, you’ll be on your linkedin default wall…

Click onto the ‘All Updates‘ drop-down to see the menu and go to the ‘Customize‘ option.

set linkedin layout


After clicking to the ‘Customize‘ option, you’ll see a popup which will be having all the options of the news feed of your Linkedin wall. 

It would be basically all the homepage items which are being displayed on your LinkedIn wall. You can select or deselect the items on the box.

update your inkedin timeline homepage


After making changes, all you need is to press ‘Save Changes‘ to confirm it or ‘Cancel‘ to end it without any change.

So, I hope after making such type of small changes you might you able to use LinkedIn much more smartly for your Corporate and Branding perspectives. 


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