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How to Upload the Funds to your Paxum Account

Posted: February 18, 2015 at 5:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Paxum is one of the growing online payment transferring and wallet services. It is famous among Webmasters, Bloggers and Online Marketers who need Online Wallet Accounts to receive funds and pay online.

Paxum’s biggest success and key element is its Paxum Prepaid Mastercard which paxum provides to the verified users for almost $45 per annum (+ transaction charges on every transaction).

After making Paxum Account, next part is verification of the account. I’ve listed all the details to verify your paxum account in a post related to Prepaid Mastercard and Payoneer Alternatives. Once you complete the submission of documents, after a certain time period, your account will be verified, and if there is a problem, Paxum will let you know to update the documents, etc.

One of the important elements of having a Paxum Account is uploading the funds. Obviously without uploading the funds, you probably can’t use it. If you don’t receive funds into your Paxum Account, then the only way to use Paxum Account is uploading the funds through external sources.

Paxum has given some solutions internally to upload or add funds to your Paxum Account. Before sharing the ways/methods to upload the funds to your Paxum Account, I would like to mention the importance of Paxum Account.

I’ve been using Paxum for more than 1 year now – As a Blogger, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur, I’ve found this service quite helpful and professional. If you’re into Blogging or Online Business, you probably know how important is to keep Online Wallets ready to make transactions.

Take a look on the methods available for Paxum Users to upload the funds to their accounts and don’t miss out the ‘Recommended Method’ at the end:

3 Methods to Upload the Funds to your Paxum Account

1) – Credit/Debit Card

Uploading the funds to your Paxum Account to utilize the balance or to transfer the balance to your Paxum Prepaid Debit Card won’t be an issue. You can use your bank-issued credit or debit card for that. Make sure you have VISA, Mastercard or other internationally acceptable debit card if you don’t have a credit card.

I don’t personally recommend the use of debit card for that. Try to prefer credit card over debit card.


2) – Bank Transfer

If you’re in Canada and USA, you can use Bank transfer service to upload the funds to your paxum account. It might take 3 to 4 days depending on the bank’s procedure. This option might not be available to other countries.


3) – Online Money Exchanger (Recommended)

One of the recommended ways to get your Paxum balance is using the Online Money Exchanger. Make sure you know or trust the Online Money Exchanger. The best way to find the trusted Online Money Exchanger Company is to read the reviews through search engines and social media.

There are many Financial and E-money discussion Facebook groups and Google+ Communities – You must be there according to your native language or territory to find the companies or people who can provide you this service.

I personally used Magnetic Exchanger Service for Online Paxum Balance transfer. I got my Paxum balance in 5 days, but it went successfully. This service has secured payment system and getting popularity among Bloggers and Webmasters, because it deals in various payment companies/accounts like Paxum, Payza, Perfect Money, RedPass, Solid Trust Pay and more.

So, this is how you can upload the funds to your Paxum Account without any trouble. Feel free to use your Paxum Prepaid mastercard, once you have balance in your Paxum Account, all you need is to transfer the funds to your Paxum Prepaid mastercard from your Paxum account before using your prepaid mastercard.

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