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Verizon HTC One Android Phone Confirmed for later this summer

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 9:49 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Verizon HTC One Android Phone might the deal and smart phone you were waiting and HTC confirmed few days back on twitter about this deal. Verizon and HTC fans would be happy to hear this news.

Android fans expect Verizon HTC One Android Phone with Android 4.2.2 version. Android 4.2.2 stable version was released on February 11, 2013. Now all eyes are on Verizon HTC One Android Phone. HTC fans would be getting ready to check interesting news and speculations about this release of HTC Super Smart phone coming later this summer.

Verizon HTC One Android Phone

Verizon which is famous for bring top smart phones with great deals to offer to customers in US. There is no much detail seen on the media about this release other than HTC One Verizon version is set to release later sometime this summer.

So end of summer 2013 would be with new smart phone! How it sounds to you? Verizon HTC One Android Phone will be an ideal choice for HTC and Android Smart phone lovers to join. Deals, offerings and packages are yet to be released by Verizon but speculations and rumours about the deals will be started soon.

HTC has a huge fan following and Android OS combination with HTC makes HTC smart phones more energetic and this brand has already been started taking its little but notable share in the smart phone brands global market.

What if Verizon brings multiple Smart phones together in this deal? What is Verizon brings Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon version together with Verizon HTC One Android Phone? Wouldn’t it be tougher for HTC and Samsung Galaxy S4 lovers to pick their favourite smart phones with the Verizon carrier?

Verizon HTC One

Verizon HTC One Android Phone is expected to be a good choice with nice and attractive packages for US Customers who use Verizon carrier and waited a lot from their favourite cellular carrier to bring the HTC One Android Phone. Still there are few months or may be few weeks to go to finally get in-line to buy your Verizon HTC One Android Phone. People definitely are looking to buy Verizon HTC One Android Phone and waiting for Verizon HTC One Android Phone deal. HTC recent releases in Android actually did good business and one of the reasons the famous Mobile OS Android that actually guided the brand to reach to a suitable position in the recent 2 years.

HTC is no doubt a big cellular manufacturing brand with a fans following and big users’ base and certainly Android wasn’t exactly the main reason of the success of many Smart phones from HTC. HTC has released many smart phones before Android OS. There was a time when NEC and HTC were only known smart phone brands in many part of the world. NEC is a famous Japanese Smart phones brand.

So little patience and calmness are required for your Verizon HTC One Android Phone and wait for Summer 2013 end and keep an eye on for more updates on Verizon HTC One Android Phone and other HTC Smart phones.

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