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Vine Android App Launched

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 9:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (2)

Vine was the famous iOS app for iPhone and extremely popular among iPhone Users in America and Europe. Now Vine Labs has introduced Vine Android App on Google play. Keeping the point on top about Android OS as Android is one of the most popular Smart phone operating systems of the world.

Vine Application was a unique App that creates short, precise and nice video and gives the opportunity to the users to send it to the friends and colleagues. It is a good way to say Good Morning to your friends and family.

Vine Android Apps Launched

Vine’s success was basically the idea of the App, and iPhone users loved this App. Android Users used to miss this Vine app but now Vine Labs has designed Android App for Android Users and it is already available on Google play. Just go to the website or simply search Vine on Google play to download Vine Android App.

Pictures sharing, commenting on the pictures and text messaging were the features which are being provided by many Android Apps but this type of unique short video messaging wasn’t seen before the Vine.

Now its your chance to send a greeting video message to your family and people you care about and love so much. Whether its her/his birthday or just want to say hi or I Love You, go to Vine App and record your short video message and send to your loved one. The idea is the original winner in Vine Android app, you might have seen different Apps and websites which became successful and now considered top leaders of their industries, and similarly the idea behind Vine is strong enough to be the leader in the video messaging industry on the Android Smart phones. Take any example, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest got the success because a new concept was given and new style and elegance were seen by the users and they accepted it and actually loved it. Instagram is a famous Android and iOS App which is a smart phone picture uploading and sharing community, it also became huge due to the big idea behind the App.


Now next Birthday wishes, sorry message and Marry me Proposal would be sent through a video message via Vine Android App. How Cool is that If you propose your girl friend or tell her how much you love her via video message using Vine Android App?

Features of Vine Android App

It is a smart and easy way to send a short video message to your family or loved ones.

Vine Android App provides the unlimited video uploads and sending for Free.

Vine Android App has the feature to instantly make and send the video.

Make a short video on the Vine Android App and share it on the Facebook and Twitter (This feature will come soon on Vine Android App)

Find your friends and family members on the Vine, even follow them and start sharing your videos with them.

Vine Android App will work on Android 4.0 or later version of Android OS.

Use Vine Android App for free and start communicating with the friends via video messaging.

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